Tuesday, October 17, 2017

What's up


So heyy,
Whaddup now?

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And yes, I am happily married right now. I thought I'm going to sendu2 and I am so afraid dealing with the boredness after married because we've known each other for a long time. Who's not afraid of one right? 

But, I was wrong. Alhamdulillah, we are happy and there's no sendu or boring or anything. Oh yea, yang penting, no awkwardness of course. Even kahwin tak semegah dan semewah yang diimpikan (but hey I love my pelamin and dress, so wtv , for me still mewah, heh) , bahagia je jugak . Hewhew.

Btw, the more I care less, the happy I am.
I'm so not into all the friends I was trying so hard to keep good of the friendship anymore. Like few of them. Sebabnya, why am I so bother to keep them close? I know, sbb I sangat takut if nanti hari akhirat Allah tanya why I tak jaga relationship dgn kawan. oh worst, putuskan silaturrahim.

But now I am so redha and I'm believe Allah knows what happened. It's not like I wasn't trying but they were the one who wanted to shut the silaturrahim off. So, bye-bye lah kan? :) Pandai-pandailah dorang jawab hari akhirat nanti. 

So, like I said, care less about something don't worth my time, and yurp, happy as hell I am! ^^v

Happily married
Happy with my career
Happy with my family and in-laws :)
Happy with colleagues
Happy with all other my friends from diploma and degree.
Oh yes, still have so many who loves to catch up with me *wink

Dah-dah lah tu, xyah nak doakan x baik untuk orang lain. Allah tak suka. Ya akak-akak .