Thursday, October 26, 2017

Marriage and You


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Who doesn't love to talk about all the preparation and to make your dream wedding come true right? Especially woman. Yes. I heard you. But did you really prepare all the preparation before you agree to tied the knot?

I know that life is taking a risk. Of course. Everything happened is risky for us as a human. And I do agree that you just sway the answer, YES I DO instead of you paused and thinking to accept it or not. Unless you don't love that man who pops up the question for you. 

And yes, I did say that I didn't even know I'm fully prepared to be my husband's wife or not. Because of what? Because I think too much. That's the problem. But I'm a typical woman here, thinking is a nature of me, as a woman. They love to think obviously about everything right. *sigh

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However, at one point I'm tired of thinking and I just did what I'm supposed to do. Like....being a wife. Lol. I pun feels like I'm soo comfortable being my husband's girlfriend in a long period. Kot. Yela, no string attached. What I know is, I'm yours and you're mine. Without having any commitment 500% to each other, but still, care about each other, but didn't care too much like you do what you want and I do what I want as long as we both know that we belong to each other. You know that feeling right? It feels like super comfortable and cool. but it'll make you a lonely person. You're gonna get through the settle down-phase.

I always thought getting married is something big that you must BY HOOK OR BY CROOK do stuff even you don't wanna do. I always thought I MUST take care of my husband's feeling and all. I thought that if I'm being me, he would definitely don't like it. Because I don't even like myself sometimes. hahah!

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But after months of being a wife, I was wrong.
Obviously, my husband accepts me for who I am. He did correct me for some of my attitude, which is he NEEDS to fix it because that attitude is really bad. and, I thought I'm going to be his slave, but NO. He didn't treat me or make me feels like one. Alhamdulillah.

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All my thought of nightmares has ended. I know that we're still new in marriage, but you know. Regardless of outsiders and other persons, I'm thankful because we don't have serious problems (so far) in our marriage. All problems caused pun selalunya bila ada orang lain campur tangan. Biasalah ~ Hew

And the most important is even it is too bitter to digest, you'll be needed to remember that you're holding each other hands. You don't ever leave one for others, you are living inside your partner's heart so that you feel what your partner feels. 

Love is never letting go. Love is loving each other for eternity, whatever happened.

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Goodluck in finding Allah's blessing together :)