Thursday, April 05, 2018

The Good News. The First Bless!


I'm not sure if it'll be going bored or what? annoying?
like everyone else, I'm just gonna share my experience when we know the good news about me getting pregnant.


So, after being married on January, I've planned a lot to be happy with my husband in the early stage of marriage. Of course. 
Such as,
we'll be going to Jakarta on May. I've bought the tickets for me and my husband on May '17 because it's his birthday month. Unfortunately I forgot about the ptptn's story of my husband's. We need to settle up his outstanding payment first. So yeah, just got a job and need to settle up his debt, auch. With all the savings and bonuses (alhamdulillah there's that), I settle up husband's outstanding payment of ptptn. Ptptn is another story, which is hmph sux.
And yeah, because of that we've withdrawed our honeymoon.

So it was thoughful.
That's why I have planned to have a mini-honeymoon with my husband in Malaysia. Melaka, Penang, blablabla.
I was a bit stressfull and in pressure in the early stage, that is why I making up everything for everymonth, just to cheer myself up. If I'm not doing it myself, who's gonna cheer me? Right?

On May, I was so happy to welcoming a first ramadhan as a title called wife. I was continuing to replace my previous puasa. Focus punya focus and tadaaa!
It's June!
And Ramadhan is about to come!
And opss!
I didn't get my period yet.
Of course I notice, because I was busy ganti my previous puasa and I'm not in my PMS yet. And I didn't ususally have skipped for 1 straight-month. I ususally get my period every month. organized.

So the test had crossed my mind.
i mean, the pregnancy test.
First test - doubled line
Second one - same result
Third one - It's obviously positive

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Yayyy -..-
I can now throw away all the plans about holidays and new car and all.
But deep in my heart I believe that Allah's plan is the best and Allah knows what's the best for you right now and another time.
Then I was thinking, patutlah I was not so well lately. Tapi I tahan je since nak ganti puasa.
Pedih hulu hati, tapi loya2 belum sampai lagi.
I siap makan gaviscon kot utk meredakan pedih hulu hati and loya sikit tu.
It's funny to remember the whole story back xD

I tak straight away tell my husband.
I was waiting around 2 exhausted-week to tell my husband, just to celebrate together with his birthday. So I consider this is the expensive birthday gift ever la, telling him that I'm pregnant with his child. Ngehh~

He was so happy
(as I expected)
and cried a little.
(konon control sbb on public)

I hope la he'll treat me far better and more attention since I'm pregnant.
Bukan on my early stage of marriage je I was stressed and on pressure.
On my early stage of pregnancy pun sama.
Stress, Pressure, Sensitive, Crying.
Belum masuk part getting morning sickness. Sickness tu bukan morning je and I don't know why people calling it as a morning sickness cause I got the sickness like the whole time. 

I was stress sebab my sister also pregnant and I didn't officially told my family about me sbb I don't wanna cut the happiness about my sister. She is also on her first baby and mom's first grandchild. Maybe it was nothing and I didn't think it'll be double happiness because mom's gonna have two grandchild in a short period. memang I was the one yang problem la sebab stress sorang2 and tak reti nak think positive. haha 

And the second one on my husband's family, i was stressed sbb there's another story about baby going on. So me and my husband think that the good news of ours will make that someone else sad and down. Alah tapi sooner or later, they'll know jugak and yes, they knew at last and things getting a bit awkward.

With all the sickness being my bestfriend along the pregnancy, and the burden of kena jaga hati orang lain instead of mine, I was so stressfull actually. But I'm good at hiding those in silence. Ye ke? Padahal Iwas crying everynight. Lol. 

But I believe that this is not the sad news.
This is the best news ever
And screw nak kena jaga hati orang  lain
Screw everyone yang make me sad
Screw anything yang I don't like.
I just do what I wanted to do and make me happy.
Seronok pregnant ni, I was just don't care what other peoples want and say,
I was just mind my emotions and baby's health.
What I know that doctor suggest me to be happy and don't care about other things yang bother me
So that's what I did.

till later

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