Thursday, October 20, 2016

Niqabis Day #1


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Haha. It was too funyy when I remember back the very first day I was trying to put niqab on in public. What I mean by public is I'm wearing it outdoor. (not inside my room in front of the mirror *sigh)

Well, it was a very good day that day. At first, I was so kelam-kabut to wear it. Sampai bila I pakai, it was fell down to my mouth. I was like "eh apeni pakai nmpak mulut xD"

Then I was correcting it, without a mirror! And tadaaa. ok lah. comfortable. And I like it. But facing the people with all of your face cover up and left only a line of your eyes, is a very new big thing for me. Of course!

I was like so segan-segan to walk, to see and to do anything wey! Can you believe it? It's like everyone in this world are looking for me. Yes indeed I am comfortable in the niqab, but then when everyone was looking at me like sooo weirdo, I feel sooooo uncomfortable. Yelah, selesa ke bila semua orang pandang pelik kat hang walhal, hang pun manusia jugak.*mata keatas*

But then I still jalan la sbb nak pi kerja. haha. Most of my times experiencing niqab is in the public transport and when I'm alone. In the bus (rarely) and the LRT (mostly). First day first time tu I feel so respected by others. Maybe sbb I pun segan2 that time. Hahaaa~ Sampai ada orang bagi ruang utk I fill in the empty spot in the LRT dengan penuh hormatnya. (you tau la LRT sesak dia mcm mana pagi2 buta nak pg kerja tu kan). So I was thinking jugak at first, What's the point lah I pakai ni bila at the lrt and berjalan while everyone is looking weird at me? Bukan ke point pakai tu sbb taknak orang pandang and segan?

Well, I lupa Malaysia's environment is not so cultured with that outfit. I mean, cover all up.But then I wasn't regret with my intention okay. I'm just saying that , this outfit makes me look weird and makes others to pandang semacam.

But then, as long as I'm happy with myself and comfortable with it, I just go on lah with my intention. But but but, I am still not the 24/7 a niqabis yet, up till now. Indeed my intention is for Allah. And I want to have a barrier that make me think I need to behave myself; but I still feel shy to wear it in front of (majority) my friends, and my family. The only time I am so comfortable in the niqab is when I am out to the Majlis Ilmu or hanging out with my usrah friends, either they are also a niqabis or not.

I don't want other people of people who knew think I'm hypocrite, but there is time kan you feel like people around you are comfortable with or not. So I just don't want to break any relationship just because of the niqab. I respect others' feeling. Besides I know that niqab is just a sunnah. So, as long as I am still covering all my aurah, it is enough for me to feel more than confident to face the world and to live. *smiley face*

So that's all lah my first day and first time experiencing wearing a niqab.
Pray for me so that there's no one too judgmental in my situation :)

-still sexy- ^^

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