Sunday, December 09, 2012

Birthday Shout!

Was happened on 7th August 2012. They make a surprise for me since I never get a surprise birthday party. Thank you everyone even that day was a puasa day. :')

p/s: Tak berapa nak surprise sbb macam dah boleh agak. Ecah plak yang dtg buat drama. Haha. Time tu kemain tahan gelak. And oh, ignore muka yang lifeless and gambar yang x lawa. Heh

The one.
With my sis and my bestie; Ecah :D
Present from my hero :))

DIY card from my sis :D
Along belanja makan tutti fruity :')
Along belanja ni jugak! Cute kan? :D

Thank you korang sebab banyak buang duit utk buat benda ni semua. malu pun ade. Huu. *nangis2* Tapi this was the best birthday party ever for me. Yeayy happy 21st :p

xx; fa

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