Friday, August 02, 2013

The World Under.


Remember my last post about diving

I'm so excited for this moment. To tell my story about my experience going underwater. Ohmy, it feels amazing and wonderful. Nothing can bet the awesomeness when you're at the world under.

Enough with talking I guess. I don't know what to say anymore because the only word that I keep saying is ; Amazing!

Alhamdulillah I got the chances to see the life at the bottom while doing my semester 3 in Degree of Marine Technology at UiTM.

Subhanallah, they're so beautiful. I mean the life under and the environment :')

When I was the only girl who reached the bottom first :)

My awesome diving group

Another group. 

Ateng and Atin

Learn how to save another diver in accident.

Man yang selalu hemsem kononnya.

My instructor. 

Packing up after diving.

Thank you PADI and SDI!

All the mariners were happy. Which is of course we did. And the most important thing is we were helped each other back then. From the time we departure from UiTM till we arrived at the jetty of Tioman Island. Till the preparation of the tank and while we were at the bottom as well!

We were lucky cos we just need to pay rm620 for the trip and diving license. the other rm200 were sponsored by UiTM. You need to know that marine technology is the 2nd expensive course within UiTM after medic course.

And we were even so lucky because we were doing our diving classes under PADI. There's a lot of diving centre and group that provides you the license, but we think that PADI is the most awesome one because it provides you the license from Australia. Isn't that sounds cool?! Wow kan. aha.

Whatever it is, or what group you were takin' your diving license, all divers should be unite. We shouldn't compare each other's license. It's on our own ability to go to the higher level of divers. And all divers should know that we don't conquer ocean by ourselves, but we did it together! :)

I don't know what else to say. Hopefully we were holding each other's hand till the end of the time. Aha yeah I mean till we grad successfully and till forever lah!

Sayang my mariners teams :'))

p/s: You guys should try! It's so fun and you ain't regret for spending your time and money for this activity. Find out more here! Diving in Malaysia with PADI.
xx; fa

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