Monday, August 22, 2016

KhlongHae Floating Market @ Hat Yai, Thailand (Part 8 - final part)


Day 3 (part 2)
Sunday ; 7th August 2016

Continue from Part VII - Elephant Trekking & Crab Statue @ Krabi Town, Thailand

Eighth place : Floating Market, Hat Yai

Incredible Hat Yai. No wonder there's a lot of people don't mind keep coming back to the floating market. There's a few floating market in Hat Yai areas if I'm not mistaken. But we went to this one called KhlongHae Floating Market. You can find a lot of food here. We got there and it was already raining. Too bad. But that's okay since we were rushing to get to boarder on time. Hehe. It was worth the sweat! I'm might gonna come again here if I have another chance. Tak puas mencuba setiap makanan yg ada sebab duit dah pokai. LOL

179 baht - 40 baht (lunch) -  30 baht (ceramic drink) - 30 baht (kerepek pisang) = +- 79 baht
*loose pack etc; and I left around 44 baht on my way home.

Money left : 44 baht and  RM 50++ (backup money)

Ceramic Drink. 30 baht

This one's cool only 100 baht.
Didn't get a chance to buy since my money already finish -.-

this one's awesome.

Back to Malaysia around 8.30pm. And I've arrived at TBS around dawn the following day. Overall trip was so fun. I had so much fun and experience from this trip and the most important thing is I got new friend yeah! ;D Alhamdulillah. And next time I won't be hesitate to join trip to another places under this agency. Congrats and keep the good way up Ayden Averroes team! *Gambatte! ^^v

Till then,

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