Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Waku Waku.

Waku Waku. Contemporary Japanese Dining.

First time I entered their restaurant I was like wow. Because their decoration is so nice and their service is thumbs up. Food served quickly and they even served the foods better. So how bout the price? The price is so affordable. 

I went there with my bestfriend, Eva. My order was Hawaiian Loco Moco. It serves with the rice, Chicken patty ball and beef. It was so yummy I still can remember the taste.! While Eva has ordered Japanese Hamburg Steak. Woahhh. We both were satisfied, seriously. Ouh and we have ordered Salmon Nigiri which is Salmon Sushi. And the salmon was fresh! No doubt.

Image from google

Image from google

Image from google

My lunch.
Hawaiian Loco Moco
Eva with her yummy food
Salmon Sushi
Japanese Hamburg Steak

Total including all taxes is RM74++
It is worthy because they're all using fresh ingredients and their food is so delicious.
Seriously, please try. Now!

Visit their website to know the newest menu in town and their location @ WakuWaku :)

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