Monday, September 19, 2016

Ada Sesuatu Dalam Diri Aku


Kenapa aku rasa macam ni?
Dulu kalau aku keluar rumah, balik smpai pagi pun takpe.
Dah tua ke aku ni?
Ni bukan tua.
Ada sesuatu dalam diri aku ni.

Pernah dengar kata-kata kat atas ni?
Atau.,mungkin pernah TERcakap?

Well I get this statements from one local drama "Seindah Takdir Cinta" .
The story where this one girl who's drifting in live named Mia Karmila. She was then shoked with her bestfriend's death in a tragedy. As a result of the death, Mia began to feel remorse and start to change. And faith brought her to a taxi driver named Shariman.
(Mengisahkan cinta gadis yang hanyut dalam hidup bernama Mia Karmila yang terkejut dengan kematian sahabat baiknya, Zila dalam satu tragedy. Akibat daripada kematian itu, Mia mula merasa insaf dan mula ingin berubah. Dan takdir membawanya bertemu dengan seorang pemandu teksi bernama Shariman).

Source : google

Have you ever feel?
Sometimes, there was a thing you couldn't explain to other to make them understand. It was just, yourself. So the thing is, I just go with the flow. With the condition of as long as it leads to the goodness and barakah. Of course. The story reminds me to my own condition. I mean, not really my bestfriend had died, but someone else. If you can trace back my old post about Rara Zikri, where I found it so tragic and it made me start wearing hijab, full time. I was scared when I saw a comment about her photos which is uncover and the sin will be continuously even she died. So, maybe that sentence had kena on me and makes me thinking. And I thought it was just it.

The feeling appeared again in the middle of March 2016. Maybe I am so drown in my own life. Solat? I do perform the solat. Wearing a hijab? I did. But there's still some-bitch left in mine. I still feel I am so evil. Sometimes on-off at the early stage, still an angry person, still no good in my attitude, still drowning in lagha things. Ohmy,

*sad face is here*

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