Friday, August 12, 2011

Mini Project Biology 2.

Alhamdulillah my proposal is done. After 2 times of rejecting parts of our previous proposal, it's good to be done and it's approved. Macam tak sabar nak start lab. Rasa macam semualah tak sabar untuk habis. Sebab kerja pending bukan best, banyak yang kena fikir in a long period and tak dapat spent time untuk diri sendiri though. So my mini project for biology techniques and skills is involving in microbiology field. So now I really wish my friend were here; Hajar, to helping me out with those microbiology things --'

That's exactly what me and my group going to do. The staining and the observation of microorganisms under microscope. We will working hard on that since our mini project 1 got a very unsatisfied marks. I really disappointed with that. But again, it was our mistakes too because not putting all enough effort on that 1st project. But totally, the whole class which is I thought of it; blaming our madam because she's not telling us what to do on our report.

The total project was okay but yet, the report. Yelah, mana semua student tak bengang bila dah dapat report dengan markah yang tak berapa okay baru nak explain those and these. Better you're not lah madam. Kitorang bukan tak nak tanya if tak reti or tak faham, even my group pun keep calling you asking this and that, but again, u told just as simple as makan tempe. Kesianlah sikit kat kitorang madam. This is our 1st time kot buat mini project and the report yang memerlukan 60pages. duhh.

So, not as much wish, just hoping my mini project 2 ni berjalan dengan lancar and ok la sampai presentation nanti. Insya Allah and pray for that.