Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The bless birthday ever :)

Well hye and assalamualaikum. :)  I'm achieving 20 years old on 7th August last Sunday. Alhamdulillah, even that's celebration is not soo wonderful because we were not in the mood of hanging out due to puasa thing and as-I-thought enough, it's really happy on me because I'm spending my day with my hero. We were met on friday after he pick me up and again for the Sunday on birthday-day. :) Thanks a lot for my hero again and again because he always done something that'll make me happy and satisfied me even he tired and exhausted. of course the normal words; I love you <33

my hero <3
@ the chicken rice shop.

after eating
that's my drink
that's his drink :)
on Friday's
mine ;D
his own :)
free kurma for buka puasa :)
Free drink; air sirap for berbuka puasa too :)

Choc indulgence.
Cream cheese cake. new @ secret recipe.

fasting-face ;p
the cream cheese cake is done by an artist :)
that's me. fasting-face too --'
my hero nak keluarkan teddy tp malu ;p
finally; with teddy. but muka..? --'
Sending back . xoxo

ahh, that's just a perfect day for me. Thank you and Alhamdulillah. But there's something that I felt uneasy; he spent a lot. tapi time depan2 macam2 je minx. LOL. btw, I'm happy, seriously even fasting kan. Oh, I love him. I do <3
thankful; fafa

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