Friday, December 02, 2011


My previous post as you can see I was talked about the young pretty girl named Zarith Nadhira. Today I've been informed from her friend that tweeted , Zarith's body safely buried before Zuhur time. Alhamdulillah everything was on track since I didn't heard about anything bad happened. Pray that Allah accepts all her practice on her life time.

I don't know how to described my feeling about these. Maybe Allah gave me the feeling which I can't even say trough words so that I can realize which part in my life that I must to alter and repair.

I don't even know about Zarith Nadhira or Rara at all. I just knew about her for a past few days at time she already passed away. How sad. I knew the whole story when she was already gone. But the things that I'm so confuse here is why I felt so empty after I knew she was passed away? I felt so sad like she was my very bestfriend. Why I felt like this? Why? :(

Maybe because of her story that make me think so far and a long way. And perhaps her story gave an impact to me. The unsaid effect. I hope Allah make it clear to me, to change my things, life and everything that supposed to be changed.

So walau apa pun yang saya rasa terhadap arwah Rara dah kisah beliau, saya tetap harus merelakan pemergiannya dan menerima takdir ketentuan Ilahi. Dan saya harap bukan sahaja saya tetapi untuk semua juga, semoga kita dapat kesedaran dalam apa jua bentuk dan sentiasa mendekatkan diri dengan Allah. Allah maha berkuasa.

May Allah bless her soul.

# So disappointed I couldn't remit the Yassin for her today at Friday as I've planned yesterday because of the menstruation-time. I will still remit the Yassin for her, later after I finish my menstruation-time. Insya-Allah. I will. Btw thanks for the readers whose willing to read my previous post about arwah Rara which I got 4 likes and 10 of sympathy. I hope we all can think for ourselves and make ourselves close to Allah.

p/s: Al-Fatihah to Rara and together we remit Yassin for her soul in there.