Monday, December 05, 2011


A few days ago, ada serbuan ke atas rumah di kolej yang kami tumpang. Junior2 yang skema yang hanya menurut perintah pihak kolej sebab takut, mengatakan kami dikehendaki keluar dari rumah tersebut. Oh damn, ayat I pun dah skema sekarang. #pfft

We were cuak and immediately pack our things and pindahkan kebawah which tumpang rumah Lia; our friend, malam tu jugak. And and tomorrow morning the house is clean. That night I stay at Lia's room. Sleep with her at her bed and wasting my days with her. The next night, me and Linda come back to the house that we entered illegally and stay for that night there.

We were decided to jumpa PPP which stand for Pegawai Pembangunan Pelajar who's job like a warden for our block. So just now, we were met and talked about our problems which we couldn't handle the time because we have project for the last semester and needed to stay close to our partner. He seems like re-consider our terms and he allowed us to stay at that room till the next week; pembukaan semula penempatan kolej kediaman.

Ouh.! Alhamdulillah and he is sooooooo nice. We touched! #sad

Anddd nahhh, now we were not afraid because we already had the permission from the PPP :) Tidur pun dah lena sekarang.