Monday, December 31, 2012

The Heart

Assalamualikum. :)
(ignore the title)

Alhamdulillah I'm still breathing till this morning. Subhanallah, semalam lena and I got this 1 niat and when I woke up this morning I terus on laptop and did what I was niat before I go to sleep last night.

The niat is, I nak download the zikirs from the youtube. I know its sounds "laaa, igtkan ape"-things but I don't know. I just did that. I think myself sangat bad sebab semalam I don't know out of sudden I just need ayat penenang jiwa or any zikir time tgh buat notes untuk incoming final ni. So when I was looking around my laptop's music list- there's nothing.

So bad ann, so bad..

So here I am dah umur 21 tahun baru terhegeh2 nak download all that stuff. Compared dengan my little bro, dia yang baru form1 pun dah download these kind of things. I felt ashamed yet inspired. Alhamdulillah, maybe Allah wants to show me something, through my adik. =')

It's not like I ni x islamic sangat andddd don't ever get me wrong bila nak download2 benda ni, considered as I am alim person (but I don't care if you considered me as one, actly) ,but you know there's a lot spaces in MB within my laptop which full of west's music. Who doesn't love music isn't.

But somehow, you mesti ada this 1 feeling kan tiba2 all your fav musics x kisahla from Rihanna ke Nicki Minaj ke Justin Bieber (ohmy ohmy ohmy! melting! ) ke macam x boleh buat you rasa calm, then you need others- back to basic for your soul.

Kalau dah everyday you hear soundwave from west, where on earth lah kan you nak bagi soundwave utk your soul. As much as I know, rohani pun kena jaga untuk kehidupan yang kekal.

I hope I can share and open some eyes or something la for a good purposes.

When once my hero said - "dengar ayat Al-Qur'an baru senang sikit ilmu masuk" I was like WOW.

p/s: Jom sama2 kita berzikir =)
xx ; fa

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