Sunday, December 30, 2012



Removal of what? well, officially I'm done removing all my un-hijab pictures in social networks.

Actually I've gone through all my pictures before, highlight in facebook and blogspot. What was surprised me is there's much more left rupanya.. yeah, myspace. I was like omg, how can I forgot.? Astaghfirullah.. I thought I dah clean&clear kan semua gambar2 lama. rupanya.. haih, --

Dengan kesabaran yang ada sebab line memang lambat gila, I'm deleting all my album at myspace account and officially deleting my account jugak since I dah x online myspace too much as facebook, twitter and blog (meyhbe).

Guess that makes me x tenteram for those times because there's still photos that showing my aurah. Alhamdulillah, I think so far, there is nothing left, anymore.

So anyone yang macam perasan2 ada my old pict still tersiar, please let me know and I'll try to delete it as soon as possible , as fast as Thor comes to Earth and as quick as pendulum falls through it's gravity. (merepek) because I don't have much time for now to go through my berlambak picts yang I dah post utk double check..and and because you know, people always lack in something, that makes us not perfect as you heard this tagline- nobody's perfect.

p/s: I had my course dinner on last week. will update soon.

Tq everybadih.
xx, fa

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