Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Mariners Unite!


Was mentioned about it before. Held at Dewan Semarak, Uitm Arau , Perlis , all the mariners juniors and seniors were assembled together. And and the food was thumbs up! Yeayy me love food. The days before kitorang macam apa nak pakai on that day since the theme was quite - difficult-to-find-the-outfit to wear. But then we managed to grab anything inside our closet. Plus dengan that week was a test-week, berlambak gila test. But Alhamdulillah, most of us make it.

Well, nothing to tell more, let the photos do the talking.

The theme
It was cool actually. tsl tsk

My successful grab.
Thanks to Banana Republic for the shirt and Mango for the pants.
Necktie was sponsored by buddy from part 1 and 
yeay to my rm15 old-school bag and rm5.90 bundle shoes. 

4 guys from Pilah and 2 other from originally Arau.
They'd get crazy after the event.
not a great performance by me, sadly

Gangnam kononnya. lol

Suddenly they came. -.-
I like this girl :)

Basically , technically, mentally..we had so much fun that night. Ignore with my performance , I give myself 10000 thumbs down. So not cool. Rehearsal seems better but not on the event. Sad me so sad.

Hopefully we can have this happening event again. Go mariners go! :)


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