Monday, January 28, 2013

This is for the girls who keep on going back to their ex.


 "Every girl has that one guy she always goes back to. Heartbreak after heartbreak and nobody knows why. Not even her."

This is for the girls who are going through it.

I know how it feels to go back and forth to this one guy, heartbreak after heartbreak. And 98% of the times, the guy is someone from your past. No matter how hard you try to not go back to him; at the end of your sleepless nights, you'd find yourself talking to him or texting him or even thinking about him. Even after a break up, you'd find yourself thinking about talking to him or even when it's bulletproof loneliness at best, he's the guy you'd turn to.

It's actually normal.

You'd end up reminiscing about the old things that you did with him; the stupid ones, the best ones. You'd end up crying over him, again and again. You'd end up having sleepless nights again. You'd end up hoping that things would go back to how it used to be. The worst part; you would end up falling in love with him, all over again.

And then, you'd start thinking that no one will ever be as good as him.
Even he's responsible for your heartbreak.

Babygirl, that's when you're wrong. You didn't end up with the boy for a reason. The only reason you always go to him during your troubled times is because he's your comfort zone. Not because you're still in love with him. Maybe you love him but you're not in love with him. And maybe that is only the memory you missed instead of the person you thought you'd missed. And if you keep on comparing him with any guys you meet, you will never move on. Seriously. You need to stop comparing and accept that everyone's different. You need to hold back when you have the sudden urge of contacting him. Learn to let go and set the boy free.

I've had my share of those moments and last 5 years. I contacted the boy back, after a few month after we broke up and even a year after. I was thinking the 'what if's' and 'what could've been'. I was comparing him with everyone and every question would lead me back to him. But what did I do to forget him. Yes, like everyone said, I make myself busy. Busy with all my works couldn't help enough and I make myself more busy with the new guys. One new guy after one. It makes me satisfied sometimes and somehow I felt he did burnt inside watching me growing up like that. That was because he was my first.

Remember, he's only your comfort zone. Set your past free and don't ever relapse. Talk to someone else instead of him. And if you already had a new-serious guy, you'd better be- talk to him, spent more time to him to prevent yourself from remembering the past. There are 7 billion people in the world, you shouldn't be stuck in your past when you deserve a better future.

Because there is a blessing hidden even in hardest life.

p/s: Found it somewhere. My story inserted.

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