Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Proud habis dgn mariners.

When the lecturer asks about the academic trip we said about the Pulau Tioman with diving activity for subject Oceanograhy. Walaoweyh. Actually takde kaitan pun diving dgn Oceanography. The diving is actually on our own which is needed and is a must but supported too by UiTM. How lucky we are as mariners kan? Hewhew.

Actually ada lah jugak academic trip we went to for our academicsubjects. And the truth is it’s a lot. Langkawi lah the most sebab we did our research there. Take this sample, that sample. Tapi kitorang mcm proud gila la wa cakap bila talk about diving. Well it is really not a good thing for a human being or khalifah Allah utk membangga diri, tapi yelah, bila lagi nak introduce our programme kan?

Our intersessi lecturer seems so proud to be business people. And most of the times she always talks that the Applied Science students only stay in the lab to do their research. Such a boring life she told isn’t? I do agree actually yg most of the AS programmes mostly stay in the lab to do their research, but not all programmes. For instance is our programme. Marine Technology, we rarely do our job inside the lab. Half of the times ada lah sbb nak buat experiment utk samples, but we had a lot of fun what. We got our academic trips, EVERY SEMESTER and nak compare dgn business students, they never had their’s once. Kalau yg ada tu okaylah kan.

But here, I want to mention about the thing that she tells that I’m not agreed at all. She said business students or business peoples can open their business and do their work everywhere. This, I do agree. But when she says AS (Applied Science) students are only can do their job inside the lab, I’m not agreed at all. Tak semestinya we are pejam celik and the rest of our life dekat dalam lab. We also can be an entrepreneur, businesswoman and marketers. Because of what? Because of this;


So that is why we are not worry at all. We still can enter marketplace or business environment even if we are not PRO in that. But still we can start from bottom. Usaha tangga kejayaan kan. Business students? How about them? Did they took Science’s subject jugak in their syllabus? Tak ada kan? Haaa. That is why laahhhh…


Try to imagine if the business students can’t go through their life as a business people? What would they do? At least the science students can still enter the business environment.

Such a mariner, we have this subject in our Part 4’s syllabus which is Fishing skill. So if we can’t proceed with our science things, we still can do fishing and with the basic of marketing, management and entrepreneurship that we have learnt, we can open a business about selling the fish! Or even more, jadi tokey ikan! Distributor and Supplier! Sounds big la kan dlm business environment. Am I right?

Well, enough said. Last but not least sorry for the business students who read this blog and please, no offence but I just want to back up my Applied Science programmes. Cos just like you, I love my faculty,  and I love my science people.

p/s: Always treat rich-poor and all people with the same treats. :)