Saturday, August 31, 2013

Happy Eid 2013


always love your hometown :))

Hey. here I am. Late post for Raya Day. Could you see how busy I am. The Intersession course, meeting friends, settling family's problems. Ughh I really need self-moment for God sake!

Nothing much to update. I just have 1 baju raya for this year eid. Not much fun and happiness though. There you go. From 1st day of raya till the end of it, same outfit, same person :x

First day of raya with my lovely sister and mom (:

With my brother (:

Feeling2 sexy back.

Meet my best friend; Linda since semester 1 Diploma :DD

Second year beraya bersama (:

With my soul, Siti Aisyah :D

With My RockTerhebat.
She always make me and Aisyah laugh.
I mean it, unstoppable one.
Recently two years ago bestfriend to me and Aisyah :'))

And it's Aisyah again.
Almost speechless to talk about her cause I really do a lot stuff to describe her.
She's insane! and that's what I love about her :*

Nahhh, Izad Maidin.
He was my schoolmates on primary school but we were barely remember that.
Became close when we were a classmate on secondary school. And till now! (:

Not really a quality picture and idk why.
Went to bowling with my hero and his friends.
Those guys, they're incredibly crazy since I've known them back then in 2009.
Thanks for treating me like a family, and yeah an-old senorita among the group members.

How bout the same face?

Always in love even I got annoyed. (:

Second day of raya.
Since I only have 1 baju kurung, I make my super long and heavy cardigan
which I bought at Penang for only rm40 as my second baju raya.
I match it with the bright yellow long skirt
which I borrowed it from my aunty
and yellow shirt which I bought at Dorothy Perkin for only rm33.

You can tell my -self-theme for this year's raya is quite muslimah. aha I hope I can be a better one, though. I mean yeah, first day of raya it was like a jubah for me and a second day it was like...jubah..too? But hey, I'm still have a blast on the first and second raya. Because I'm happy I've succeed my mix&match baju raya. At last, I can make my own baju raya on my age of 22! lol

First Baju Raya:
-Black inner rm10
-Blue fishtail cardigan rm29 (oh you can find it at Times Square. DON'T buy it online cause it's seriously expensive)
-Blue paddlepop skirt rm39
-Selendang from Muaz rm4.90

Nahhh, see! since the inner I already have for previous one so I don't have to buy a new one for raya! Inner je pun.. I'm glad and I'm so happy for myself! I already save my mom's and sister's budget! :))

I wanted to have the Fansuri from NWW . But sometimes I feel that the price is quite expensive. So, when I really have no ideas what to buy for my baju raya this year, I buy the other pieces just to look like the Fansuri. Although it isn't the same but, it's ALMOST! okay at least I'm happy what..

p/s: Cume yang berbeza, modelnya cantik2. kbye.


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