Sunday, September 08, 2013

22nd Birthday Present

why it is OMG?
Nahh, it is because I got a surprise from my hero! ayayayy!!!
He said this is for my birthday's present.
It was late a month kot -.-

But it's okay. Since I am so so so so so grateful with the present, I don't care about it being late on delivery. hewhew.

Imma happy girl!!! Love you syg :D


Excited on that day!

I'm lovin' it!
Well, he woke up late on that day. He was supposed to have lunch with me before I'm going back to Arau. Thank God when I was in the middle of the road and nearly enter the highway, he called and ask me to wait. Luckily I still can pull over and wait for him till he came. The funny moment is he was sounded like crying while asking me to wait for him. Haha. It was cute, undeniably touched! When he gave me this, I was surprised. Yelah, he wasn't wrap the tab. -.- Not really romantic but hey, he was shy to deliver this thing to me.

He was so incredibly happy when I said I really like this tab. Macamlah I was so hard to like the things that he gave. lol