Thursday, September 26, 2013

Waku Waku 2

Now I can find time to write about my favourite restaurant.
It's WAKU WAKU Againnnnn!!!
Yeayy can see how much I'm happy to talk about this?
So, me and my cool friends went to Waku Waku on our semester break.

Here are our dishes and drinks, and and my awesome friends. Awwwyeah!

With Ed and Azi

Twins? :P

The coolest Ed!

Ed's dishes: Tokusen Kushiyaki Mori

Me and Azi's dishes: Saikoro Steak


Dish #1 : Tokusen Kushiyaki Mori 22.90MYR
Dish #2 : Saikoro Steak 16.90MYR

Pink drink: Berry Splash 7.90MYR
Chocolate drink: Cookies & Vanilla 7.90MYR
Plain Water: 0.50MYR

p/s: MYR Malaysian Ringgit/ (RM)

Nevertheless, I loveeeeee Waku Waku cause they have super awesome food and I love my girls ;D
Totally have a great time and fun here. Yummy tummy! xoxo

Feel free to visit their website and also their awesome restaurant! :D

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