Friday, February 19, 2016

A Grown Up Doll


Happy New Year 2016.

Well I hope it's not too late to wish a new year since The Chinese New Year just passed a few days ago. And it's still in February ya know, so.

Indah Nada Puspita

Wow. It has been 2 years since I last wrote something here. I don't expect my "girl's starting over" is so much means my "girl's ending for years". sigh

I re-read my old posts and found out that I somehow did good at some points, went through ups and downs at some points, and stuck (of course) at some points. But I wont stop making plans, thinking about another new years targets gives an amazing feeling, at least in my heart and brain. I feel the hope, love, passions, dreams, challenges, bravery, and afraid at the same time. However, I still want to do and want to be better. To be happier, more content, and to be more peaceful.

Dear 2015,
Thankyou for the moments, and the memories.
So many feels, happiness, pains, lessons, laughs, and tears, but most of all thank you for all the blessings.

Dear Allah, Almighty
Thank you..
Thank you for letting us grow
Thank you for all the chances and opportunities
Thank you for letting us keep on going
For I am a sinner, forgive me
For I am a believer, guide me

It is time for another page in life
Welcoming 2016 with hopes, dreams, excitement, faith, love, smiles, and positivity
So dear 2016, let's write something beautiful, again. (INP, '16)

I might say these are my goals to be me (my age) in this year.

Got stable! Careers and accounts on balance.
Got my ideal weight 45kg at least and shape me up. Hehe
Get married (Well it is urgent but I'm not rushing. Will talk about this later)
Fixing my English. (I mean I always do this every time. Know that I'm not really good at it)

Less shopping things at the mall (Malaysia's economy is so unbelievable these days = )
less junk food, (But I love them so much =( )
less over-thinking about anything. (I don't think I can handle it)
How bout trying to be matured (I do mean MORE matured)

Well, btw. I've deleted few, but some of it I still sayang to delete. To delete old memories before you can remember 'em is quite difficult. I can see myself is so childish and un-matured. I can see all my grammars and spelling are so failed. Probably because I'm not from family who speaks in english at home,all the time. And most important is I can see how myself turned to an adult and more matured in saying something.

Time flies so fast. I can barely see what have I done in my years and life. And suddenly I am 25 already and suddenly I'm talking about marriage and all the wedding stuff. Can you believe me? I don't believe myself either. Feels like I am still young (physically and emotionally) but yet I see 25 is almost-old enough and it's time to get ready to get married. So let's not talk about marriage now. Maybe later and later and later....~

So for now I have a few lists to be told. About my marine studies, about me having my graduation, about me finding a job, about Singapore, about preparation of marriage and all the upside downs which I think future fresh grades need to know. Tough life, tough heart I can say.


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