Monday, February 22, 2016

Final Year & Graduation


This is what happen when you have so many things to share it out and you don't want to waste any times.,Oh and your posts too. You'll ended up compile everything at one place and start to make your own division. Finally you, yourself, got messed up.

Am i?

Maybe yeah.
Maybe not.

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I'm actually in my halfway writing all the stories and then I realized, it took a mile of pages. So I have decided to separate the stories. 

Let's talk about the final year and graduation. 

If you are/were one of the university's students (regardless being diploma/degree/master), you're probably can feel what I felt if we heard the word of Final Year, messed up! You're probably can feel it right now how it hits you so hard; the tensions, the paperworks, the dateline (or deadline), the final year projects, the reports, the friendship issues, the family issue, the lover issue (not to forget), the money issue (of course), the grades issue, and etc. Maybe you have had one of those or maybe you have had other than those. 

The final year is probably the most unforgettable moment for any of us. Some people says it is the time where you can see your friends' true color. But..

Have you ever ask yourself what's your true color are?

My final year went very well. My colony had gotten the bonds like it was already been bonded before. But the real thing is, final year is the time for us to make that bond, bonding. Like we did every time. Every semester. And we did it. We didn't only do for the bond-tied, but also our grades. My grade was awesome. I know that I couldn't get deanlist for my total grades (CGPA), but I do still hope for a miracle to be happened that time. I keep praying and do Solat Hajat as if it can change my result from not graduating with deanlist to someone who were. But you know, sometimes what you want really bad, not really meant for you. Allah knows best for you. Allah knows best for me. The deanlist was not really meant for me. And I didn't get it. I did not graduating with deanlist as my final grade (CGPA). However, besides my disappointed feeling, Allah covers it up with making me a deanlist on my current semester. So yeah, basically I didn't graduating with deanlist tiltle but I did graduating with deanlist as my final current grade (GPA). See? Allah will not let you down so bad when you already pray so hard and ask Him for what you want. Alhamdulillah. Two deanlists for me and my degree moment.  =) 

And you know actually it is so much to talk about the final year. The projects, the reports and everything. Of coursela it is normal when you had this gaduh-gaduh one when you are in final semester right. It is also normal you had a separation time with your bff and close friends and housemates. I think I better kept that to myself. Cause I think I can digest 'em now and that is not sweet for me to talk about the bad things happened, right. Besides, that gaduh-gaduh things already passed and we are all in a very good condition now. =)  So maybe I just need to let it go. My conclusion is my final projects was awesome, my reports was awesome, and my studies was awesome.

So what else I need to be not-happy about? 

Cheers =)

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