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When Things Happened Far From Our Plans. Better or Worst?



The plan

So I've been planning to go a backpack trip by myself after I start working. I had Thailand, Indonesia and Singapore in my mind that time. This plan was all over my head after I got offered at Red Alert Online. I have so many friends. It was quite a problem thinking who I wanna go with. 

I was thinking about my friend Yana. She had already being a backpacker quite some time. So I thought she could ease my first time to be a backpacker. Plus, she's good at managing and a very helpful friend. But yet she was just came back from Korea and can't make it up with me since my plan was just around the corner. And..passed.

Some of my friends are doing Master and some had things to do and can't join me for end-year backpacker trip. So I was just gave up and I am so okay to go by myself. Besides it's only Singapore (I picked Singapore), what could've be wrong sbb they also got malays there and can speak malay.

The travel partner

A few days after decision was made to go alone, there was a poped-up question I did ask to my junior; Afira (bukan nama sebenar), if she wants to join me. Since she also just started working and have own income. And so why not. She agreed and yayy! I got friend to teman me to backpack and have fun at USS. (well at least I'm not alone)

Gambar sekadar hiasan

The Preparation

Passport checked. 

Backpack settled. 
Flight tickets settled. (those are from my first salary I got from MSG Networks)

And it was just about a month to go, we were together settling the USS tickets and the hotel. I've been asking my cousin, who previously lives there (his mom which is my aunt still staying there) if I need to buy the USS tickets first or just walk-in. He advised that we should buying the tickets first. Because USS always has many visitors. They are always full. (Plus i'm going on friday. so..) But he did warned me to buy and choose carefully. Well yeah to avoid being cheated. I understood. There's always a risk to buy from online store. =/

Me and my friend Afira (bukan nama sebenar) have decided that I'm settling the tickets (I did too for the flight tickets) and she settling the hotel's booking (although I've a list of 14 affordable motel to book). At this moment I was actually quite in a fragile condition. I was so afraid if I'm getting late being paid for my second salary, like it was for my first. I was so scared if I haven't get my salary right before my flight to Singapore.

The USS tickets' story

**If you are about to plan and you are about to buy the tickets online, you should probably reading this part. !

I was surveying and looking for authorized dealer. I was not in any hesitation since I've been buying a lot online's stuff and never got cheated. So I've listed a few of online seller of USS tickets, and I found that some of them offer with high price, some offer with low price. And the lowest telling me that is because they were cleaning their ticket stocks for that end of 2015. The lowest I found was RM120. From carousell. 

So RM120x 2 pax= RM240.

Cheap right?
So I thought I just book from him and can save up for several dollars.

That night after discuss with my friend, Afira (bukan nama sebenar), I closed the deal and straight away banked-in to him. He is chinese and living in JB, as well as his office. And being over-carefully is not what I am. But that night, I was that person. Wew~

And yayyy! USS tickets were settled!

We were so happy since USS is our main motive. ;)

And with my other friend's little help was to meet the seller at City Square, Johor Bahru and take the tickets (since full payment already settled) I felt a bit secure (since the seller agreed to meet and pass the tickets f2f instead of by post). 

Btw, I hate myself. I don't know why but that night after making full payment, I felt so insecure. I keep telling my friend (the one who'll be meeting the seller) that I felt something wrong and tak sedap hati. I'm afraid if he didn't show up. I don't know why I felt that way and don't ask me why.

I told Afira (bukan nama sebenar) that I felt uneasy and sangat tak sedap hati. And I told her that I think that I want to postponed the trip. And she did tell me that maybe I felt like that because of I didn't get my salary yet. I did called her and I told her that I felt like I wanted to cancel our trip and postponed it later. But she said "Janganla macamni.. everything will be ok" So, thinking of her that wanted to go to Singapore so bad, Im not willing to cancel the trip even though hati dah tawar lansung nak pergi . I felt like 5% of going.

2 days after, my friend has told me that she still didn't meet the seller yet. She did called and whatsapp the seller but then, it looks like her number is already got blocked! I've tried to contact him myself, and few of our friends does, still cannot be contacted as well. Every calls to his number got barr! SO MAYBE THIS IS WHY I'M NOT FEELING EASE AT ALL BEFORE? Pheww. Everything will be okay. So okay.

I was so down. You know why, that is because I dah bayar dah pun! Argh. Plus, I don't know how to explain to my friend, Afira (bukan nama sebenar) and I was so afraid what would her think of me. That I'm careless (indeed),that I'm useless (perhaps =( ), that I cannot be rely one. *tsk tsk*

But you know. Who wants to get cheated. If I knew this was the scam from early of the time, I wouldn't agree to buy from him. Maybe it was my fault. Maybe I should have known from the lowest price he offered. The price was unbelievable cheap kan.. (please terima bila Allah dah cakap Kun Faya Kun, dan ditakdirkan kena tipu. it was not 100% my fault!)

We were so freaked out (Afira was freaked out. like really) and we were just so redha then and decided to buy the tickets at the counter straight away (serik). 


In a meantime, I was still waiting for my salary. I still didn't hear anything about the salary, but yet my flight will be in 2 more weeks. Crazy! If I didn't get my salary, I'll be dead (definitely down).

And it was probably not at the good time we go. Because the Ringgit Malaysia was just fell and it makes our currency very low. December 2015; 1$ of Singapore = RM 3.09

try to imagine there's nothing you can get for 1$ at Singapore. The lower rate is averagely on 3$. 3$ x RM3.09 = RM9.27 for even one drink at 7eleven. *peace :) 

One day before

Guess what?

I still didn't get my salary.
Yippie! :D
And I was so messed up. I can't think. At all.

I have so minimum money since I've actually budget RM500 for my expenses, MRT fees and foods and souvenirs at Singapore (150$ is enough for 2days 1 night only). It was excluding the tickets and hotel fee since both supposedly to be settled before we depart. And since the tickets got scammed, I need to take out about RM230 just for USS ticket only. 

150$ - 74$ = 76$

76$ left for me to makan, for MRT fees and anything (if any). But yet I wasn't expecting to buy any souvenirs since I already had Singapore's stuff before. And still I have had emergency money in Ringgit Malaysia (just incase), so I wouldn't THAT worry. So with the name of Allah, I tried to be tough and tawakal always for what my days would be.

Gambar sekadar hiasan

We bought our foods at Giant Supermarket and pack our stuff. Maggie, breads, energy bars, tunas. I've weighed my backpack previously. And I was safe since my backpack was 4.80kg only. Still got 2.2kg for me to fill in. So it was enough for me to fill in my foods. Regardless my handbag, my handbag was extremely weight. But handbag doesn't count to 7kg (as you know). And Afira (bukan nama sebenar) was so comfortable with her luggage and handbag. 

Gambar sekadar hiasan

It has always been my dream to go to outside country and backpacking. I love backpacking just like every backpacker does. Because it makes us felt like we are so fit to travel and I just like the way backpackers carry their backpack around and travel and looking at the map. Hikhik


On the day

But yet, maybe it was also my rezki. Allah gave me the chance to still going for the trip. Afira (bukan nama sebenar) was already here in Kuala Lumpur. because our flight was at 7.15am tomorrow morning and we need to get at KLIA2 2 hours before, at least. I still can't believe I'm going to SG with only 150++ dollar. So heading to klia2 and get there by 4am something was just so right. We were in a stable mood. I am in the stable mood! Alhamdulillah.

Source : google

Since we have added foods to our bags, so it's time to just double checked the weight. So that we can think what to do if there is excess weight for our bags. And surprisingly mine is so under 7kg. Since I am so good at budgeting, so mine wasn't have much differ from my previous weight. It was 5kg something. Unfortunately for Afira's luggage, it was 9.something kg. Ohmy.

I did tell her to ask the staff about it. It was her luggage anyways. So after about 15 minutes, she asked. and the staff said that her luggage kena baggage. And it was RM120 that needs to be added up. I wasn't worried so much about her gettin' baggage because Afira (bukan nama sebenar) comes from rich family. Well at least I thought she is. So RM120 was just like RM1.20? Maybe.



A second after she was freaked out about the baggage. 
"What? RM120? Wehh macam mana ni? Takkan lah kena bayar lagi RM120?! Tak berbaloi lahhh!" it was something like that
A few seconds later..

Afira (bukan nama sebenar): Macam mana ni farah (bukan nama sebenarku) ?
Me: Erm habistu macam mana..farah xtau la. urmm. Terpaksalah. amik je lah..
Afira (bukan nama sebenar): Hish *kerut2 dahi*

// I know she was worried because maybe her Malaysia's money wasn't enough up to RM120. Since we have had changed the RM to SG dollars.

A few minutes later, I just can't get her worried alone. She was with me. I was with her. And since we were only there for us till the next day, who would help us? And we were so needed each other for everything that will be happened. So.

Me: Hurm, the only thing we can do now is kita take out your 2 point something kg tu and kita dividekan. sikit kat my backpack, sikit maybe kat our handbags, since handbags tak kisah how berat pun kan. Okay?
Afira (bukan nama sebenar): "her face still worried*
Me: Janganlah risau. Boleh punya. Dah jom nanti lambat pulak kang.

And we were going to the seats and arrange back her luggage. I took her few shirts to my handbags and our foods were put above our handbags, different plastic. And now it's time to checking back. Phew. *lap peluh*

Alhamdulillah mine now was 7 point something and they were not gonna put extra charges kalau setakat lebih sikit dari 7kg. And Afira's was still accepted as well even her luggage is 8kg. If I'm not mistaken but for sure her luggage is heavier than mine.

My backpack.. my handbag was so unbelievable HEAVY. My shoulder was so hurt. I can't even feel them anymore. Huh~ But I wasn't complaining. I was so sincere helping Afira (bukan nama sebenar) to carry her additional stuff in my backpack and handbag. BECAUSE BECAUSE BECAUSE.. I felt guilty la sebab it was because of me we were both being cheated dengan the ticket seller. Even though it wasn't my fault. And again, I have thought that probably at Singapore , she WILL help me if I got trouble. I mean in case I was very short for the money or etc. =)


Source: Google

It was a nice journey. I got the seat besides window (thanks to Muhammad Farhan) and the feeling was incredible. I tried to reset everything once I got on the plane. To leave all the uneasy feelings that I felt before. To still smiling and try harder to have fun. You know how's the feeling of going somewhere where you don't think you're going right? it feels like you don't have the heart to exploring anymore. Because what I've been through for this trip, was really makes me think that it is not the time for me to go. But what to do, this trip's decision wasn't my one decision. It was two persons' decisions. So I was just go with the flow.

And oh yea, just to inform for those who are not yet sees Singapore.
Singapore just as clean as the world says.
Really clean.
I hardly found rubbish anywhere
and cockroach
and ants.
For almost 40 hours we were there, and none of them appear.

Salute and respect. :)

Source: google
Source: google

The motel (Phil Inn motel, Little India, Singapore)

We've been searching the motel like whew~ Panas hokayy. Lepastu dengan beg berat lagi menapak dari MRT jauh. *3* Been asking the residence jgk mana motel ni. So quite far kitorang menapak. We did have the map. A big one. Tapi maybe because none of us was good at reading map. haha

And after almost an hour if I'm not mistaken, we've found the motel. Yeahhh! \(^o^)/*** So happy! Finally we could get a bit rest before we are heading to USS. We have been told that our room was already occupied. So 2 beds left. We thought, I thought the 6 peoples macam okayy dah sampai, igtkan bolehla kitorang jadi orang yg awal smpai. But then rupanya ada lagi orang yang earlier than us. huhu. 

Steppin' in the room. The room have 4 units of double decker beds. And..everyone looked at us and quite. Total awkward and so strange. It was gotten more awkward when they were all Indian girls. Huh. Mengeluh habis aku. Since we still need to cover our aurah with them. huh. 

I don't think they're just got there. Seems like they're already here for several days. Because they are hanging their shirts after being cleaned. Plus the room is so small. I have limited space to move and I was so hesitate to even step on the floor. It was so total mess and not clean. Just NOT THE CLEAN ONE. *tepuk dahi* I siap alas kot my bed even dah ada cadar pun on it. Everything I alas. Sampai ke bantal. 

I just need to accept it because the rental was cheap. 18$. It was about RM53. Adding with taxes and gst was RM70++ jugak lah. Still 20$ mcmtu. RM70 motel in Kuala Lumpur even clean that this motel, btw.

Oh. oh. tapi kan,
I remember the list that I did for the cheap motel in Chinatown area. I have listed the cubicle motel with range of 21$ - 28$. Well that range was my budget since still under RM90. But yet. Berhuhu je lah.. :P

So the day we are leaving, we've been told that they're renting that room. They're already there for several MONTHS! Like homaigoshhh! No wonder the room was not so clean. Masya Allah.. 

you know, maybe the motel wasn't too bad like I felt. Maybe I felt disgust because the room wasn't clean as any guest expected. As far as I know, any hotel/motel need to clean up the room for the new guests right? So why we got into this situation. He could have just informed us. Arghhh! I'm so unsatisfied with this motel. No! 3/10 rate! not just "ok lah" but NOT OK AT ALL! 

Now it's time to heading back to town and ready for Malaysia.
I just want to go home!!!! 
Baru dua hari and I just felt like pelarian. I wanted to eat! Nasi lemak, roti bakar, Milo ice. Cause I eat a lot. I don't used to ikat perut like this in two whole day!

Universal Studio Singapore, USS

Great time we had. Playing the Egypt twice and play everything! It was a fun day. I really did hope Afira (bukan nama sebenar) also had fun the whole time. Or at least at most time. ^^,

Flower Dome, CLoud Forest and Garden by The Bay

We had limited time here. So sayang kan? But it was because we have had to return back our 2-days visitor passes for MRT at their office. But their places are so incredibly amazing! So beautiful. I love the Cloud Forest they have. They have so many level but we didn't have time to go level by level. 

Oh btw, back to the reason why we have limited time to have fun at these awesome places. The office counter closed at 9pm. But it depends on the station. So we were running so HARD to get to MRT station back. Of course we were so gigih berkejaran macam nak mampos since it was to claim our 10$ back. It was just 10$ but when we thought of 10$=RM30, it really is the big amount.!

So instead of losing 10$ which was really valuable for me, I'd rather running. Since Afira also didn't mind and agreed to fu*kin running. "Farah, cepat farah. Kena amik jugak duit deposit kita balik. Fira xde duit dah ni", she said. 
Andddd we finally got our deposit back. Alhamdulillah. 
But then my friend keep telling me and even everyone that she loses quite a lot kg's. I hope she's not blaming me. Sebab it was two head decision to get the deposit back right? 

-The End- ??

I still have a few dollars in my wallet. So I didn't worried about the fee to go to Little India back. And still I have a Ringgit Malaysia backup. I was so happy kot sbb it was really really fit my budget! :D

So finally! Headed back to my hometown and Malaysia! I can't wait to go home. To kiss my cats and to guling-guling at my house's floor. I thought of going to Malacca straight away from Singapore (since they have bus to Malacca *wink), but yet I didn't want to be someone whose selfish like someone did. I thought of Afira. She can't be alone to the BTS and get the bus to Penang back. At least not with her luggage. Duhh. I'm not that evil. I know that I have to teman her la sampai dia dah beli ticket bus to Penang right? She's so fragile to be alone.

While we were heading home,..

Afira (bukan nama sebenar): Eh, duit Fira kat Farah kan?
I was thinking. hurm, as far as I know, I've cleared all the money that I need to give her.
Me: Urm,, duit apa eh Fira? *kerut dahi penuh tanda tanya*
Afira (bukan nama sebenar): Duit tiket USS? Yang kena tipu tu? 
Me: Owh.. Oh!
Afira (bukan nama sebenar): Fira tak bagitahu parents Fira tau yang psl tu.
aa then?
Me: Oh.. (dalam hati was like; kena bayar balik ke? Ya Allah.) Urm, berapa eh farah kena ganti balik? Full ke half je?
Afira (bukan nama sebenar): Aaaa.. half je lah. So RM30 aritu + duit ticket RM120 separuh is RM60 = RM90 la ya.
Me: Oh. (MasyaAllah) Okay nanti da balik farah ganti balik.
(dan kerugian aku siapa pulak nak ganti ? Hihi)
Afira (bukan nama sebenar): Erm xpela, nanti dah ada duit lah baru bayar balik. 
(Since she knows I didn't get my salary last month and I've resigned)
Me: Sure :)
(Dan aku pun berhuhu =) )

Indah Nada Puspita

I have my savings. I can just pay to her straight away when I reached Malaysia. But yet I just waited till I got my new job. This is because for me that wasn't my hutang. That was only the ganti rugi that I needed to pay back. I was krik-krik sbb I didn't expect I SHOULD pay for the ganti-rugi. So my own rugi was double up la. Yayyy! It's just like orang lain buat dosa, but then you kena tempias and you kena tanggung all the sins that he've done. You feel me? Actually I was questioning all my friends and family, 99% said I don't have to pay actually because both of us were actually rugi from that incident. Why should I give her ganti rugi ek? I did pay back okay. But to say if I am sincere or not.. idk.. :/
And we're going home! Yayyy.
Immigration passed.
And we were arrived at Malaysia's border about midnight. 

p/s: Allah adalah sebaik-baik perancang. Dia adalah segala Maha. Maha Mengetahui dan Maha Berkuasa. I believe there's a hikmah beside all these happened. :)


Tolong jangan kecam saya. :P

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