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Backpacker : Singapore Trip



Sorry for the previous entries. Too many talked, yet I don't know who are reading it till the end. ^^ "

So as I have promised to share about my budget trip to Singapore; all the expenses, all the itinerary. anndddd here you go! :D 

Went there on 17th December 2015, 



In the late 2015, economy was incredibly hard. Hard to survive actually. But if you have the savings from your current or previous account, that shouldn't be a problem.  That time I already focus on my budget which is 150$ only! Like it or not, suffering or not, I've promised myself to kept it tight as that was my plan to have a budget trip and I'm gonna save it as hell as I can.

As per December 2015, 1$ of Singapore = MYR3.09

I was planning to bawak RM500 je to Singapore. Je??? Omg, cukup ke. die die!
But that was before I kena tipu with the ticket seller. Besides the RM500 budget wasn't included the flight ticket, hotel and USS ticket. But then, my budget was dropped like helllllooo. Kalau tak dah bermewah sikit dah kat Singapore. Sebab RM500 tu memang utk I nak spent kat sana for my foods, souvenirs etc. Heww. Tapi tak jauh beza pun. Cuma lari banyakla in terms of my expenses.

Source : Google

But I still have my backup Malaysia money. So , yayy. Not really a super broke person :P

Source : Google

Budget utk bersuka-ria di Singapore (tak masuk tiket USS) : 161$ = RM500.00 

Truth utk bersuka-ria (termasuk terpaksa beli tiket USS) : 150$ = RM463.50 

Since the hotel and flight was settled with my previous gaji, the RM463.50 was exclusive the flight ticket and hotel

So, RM66 (flight ticket) + RM73-- (hotel) = RM139 

So basically my expenses for everything goes for ;
i) RM463.50 (change to 150$) +
ii) RM139 (flight+hotel at Singapore) +
iii) RM60+- (foods prepared at Malaysia + backup money) 
= +-RM640

My backup money as per the night before the departure : RM60 - RM25(+-) for foods = RM35

My money for expenses in Singapore and USS tickets : 150$


As other backpacker, for sure you are surveying for how to plan your budget trip and of course with the minimal expenses. I was there as well. But unfortunately, every blog that I went through, shared about their trips starting from JB and staying at JB. So what about if there is backpackers who got a cheap flight ticket and wanna stay in Singapore for only one night and that's all and back to Malaysia for the next day? Like me. No Johor Bahru involved.

Maybe you can find the tips here. If I can help you guys with this itinerary. :)

So here is my summary of itinerary.

KUL - SIN - USS - Gardens by The Bay - Hotel - Sightseeing - KUL

17th December 2016

1. The Flight ticket

This is the first thing that you need to know and need to be done. It doesn't matter you're going travel by plane or train or other, but transportation is important right? So the reason I choose Singapore is because AirAsia had a promotion for December 2015. Comparing the choice of the countries and estimating my budget, and since this will be my first time of backpacking, so I thought I better start with the nearest country and who speak English (also Malay). Hehe

The ticket was cheap. It was just RM66 on the day I booked it. (Seat RM60 + RM3 sbb pilih seat). KUL to SIN only. Kalau balik dah mahal dah beratus, so exceed my budget. Thus, I only book the flight ticket utk ke Singapore sahaja. Balik? I'm taking bus. Dah ada jalan darat kan. ^^,

So kalau anyone here yang belum pernah naik flight, or tak pernah beli ticket flight sendiri (selama ni family je yang buatkan), please la rajin2 tanya kawan2 yang dah pernah pergi or have done it by their own. Kutip everything yang you need from them. I nak ajar pun I tak pakar, yelah sbb I'm not from family yg selalu travel2 ni. Travel dlm negara je. Yang ni pun orang lain yg tolong :P

Ok so my flight ticket was settled in a month before the trip started. I was so excited sbb this is my first time to have my own backpacker trip outside the country and and excited sbb I'm going to Singapore with my friend! :D


I went to the KLIA2 at 3am something. Because we need to be there at least 2 hours before the departure, to check-in and all the necessary stuff checked. We succeed in arriving at KLIA2 at almost 5am. So we were so sempat to check everything.

#Remember to check what your flight gave you in terms of free food, the weight you can carry as FOC, etc. Sebab taknak nanti at the end of the preparation, you tiba2 freak out sbb your weight is higher than the FOC level and you kena baggage pulak. So mine was just nice. I taknak kena any baggage so I was so strict in choosing what I bring. So as per AirAsia, backpack/luggage yang FOC and boleh letak kat atas together dengan you is 7KG and below. While handbag, it doesn't matter how weight it is. Idk why maybe sbb it is just a handback. Kot. (Tell me if I'm wrong. lol)

Goodbye Malaysia. See you in the next 2 days :)

Kita yang tudung grey. Tapi kita malu :P

2. The USS ticket & The Gardens by The Bay's

And as per mentioned (from my previous post), I have so many recommendation that suggested me to purchase the ticket by online. I was about to purchased from their website, but then I felt like it is still expensive. And got a friend who suggest to purchase at other online source like instagram, facebook, etc. , but but but you have to purchase it from the authorized source. For sure!

As I've mentioned it too (in my previous post), we've been cheated from this one seller. So maybe I'm gonna take this out from here. Because this entry is all about the happy things! :)
So we guess we just purchase the tickets straight away at the counter.
Purchase USS Ticket at their counter : 74$ (RM228), pejam mata je lah dik. Huhuhu.

Arrived at Changi Airport and we were straight away looking for the Changi MRT Station. On our way to the MRT, I saw there was one booth that saying BUY USS TICKET HERE! I was like; to believe, or not to believe. As we passed by and I was thought that, there is impossible for him to tipu sebab he was located right in the airport building and seems really trusted. Sebab bukan kat tepi2 jalan kaki lima ke apa so I macam feel secure. 

I pulled my friend to the side and inform her about the booth. She was like "Really? mana?"
The booth was authorized. The lengchai was so nice and even speak malay with us because he wanted us to feel more comfortable with him. He said; Indeed we open booth here because to ease the customers so that they no need to queued-up too long. They even have the great packages! So many packages yang super worthy. 

We purchased the tickets from him. 
It was only 90$ !  But but but! The 90$ was inclusive the entrance for Garden by The Bay as well!
66$ for USS Entrance, and 24$ for The Gardens By The Bay! ^^
So why not?! The package was one hell of great deal! 
Yayyy.! Super happy for me and my friend.

Source: Google

Source: Google

Source: Own photo

Source: Own photo

So for those yang risau tak ada ticket and tak confident nak beli kat online dari JB ke apa ke, blh lah serbu booth kat bawah changi airport ni. Confirm2 dari orang dia. And tak perlu risau.

**the seller was trusted. Our tickets were authorized :)

Or you can purchased online from their website. Also you can cut your cost. They're selling a bit lower than the ticket counter itself. 


150$ - 90$ = 60$
Dalam hati Allah je yang tahu. Cukup ke ni, cukup ke ni. xD
Yelah, maybe you are travelling with your friend(s), but yet of course lah you segan kan if macam nak borrow money ke apa in-case tak cukup. Of courselah segan, nanti member kata apa pulak; dah tahu nak berjalan negara orang bawak duit cukup-cukup then bila dah ter-tak ckup susahkan orang pulak. Huhu. (We don't want lah something like that to be happened)
Unless you travel dengan family sendiri. or unless your friend(s) is/are the closest one. Means, they didn't mind to helping you (or each other). That's why choosing the right travel buddy is important. You don't want to end up, travelling with someone/group but yet you feel alone. Right? So, the buddy/buddies lah the one yang kita blh harapkan utk tolong anything in-case of emergency. Kalau dalam group mestilah ada sorang yg bawak a bit extra, xkan x ada kot. Cuehh.

Ok. ok.

Continue. Merepek apa tak taw aih.

3. The MRT Card/Fees

What I like the most about Singapore is, they have Tourist Pass for the transportation facilities You can travel to more destination either by their bus or train, with unlimited access. Basically they have 3 types of passes (What I've been told). 

           i) 1 day tourist pass

           ii) 2 days tourist pass
           iii) 3 days tourist pass

So the pass can be obtained at their office counter. I bought the pass at the MRT Office Counter at Changi MRT Station. I bought the 2 days tourist pass because I'm gonna be here till tomorrow je pun kan, so. :) 

The price is 16$ only for the card to be accessed. And I need to pay 26$ as 10$ is the deposit. So that once I return the pass at the end of the second day, I'll get the 10$ back. 
Omg soo worthy ok! I can save more with it! I was saving more weh! :D

So 60$ - 26$ = 34$

Yayy. \(^_^)/**

Thanks to the makcik yang jaga at the MRT's ticket machine tu. She told me about the pass. Siap speaking lagi okay.  Kau mampu? Nampak je macam makcik Indon. Memang Singaporean ni even Malay pun memang dok speaking2 ka? Huhu. ^^.

The Tourist Pass for Singapore Public Transport's Access

With the map. So Imma so ready for this backpack trip to begin :D

The MRT Station was so big. And CLEAN. And there was air-cond. Everywhere. For those who already get used using the trains in Malaysia, there was not much different we can compare. As long as you have the train's map station, you'll be okay. And with that limited pass, you don't have to be worried about getting lost. Hehe

Oh. Btw, they won't allowed us to drink/eat inside the MRT (or trains). Strictly prohibited okay. Sebab there was this one korean lady with her baby in the baby-trolley (i don't know the name of it), her child tried to grab the water (maybe sbb thirsty la tu), and there was one chinese old man told the lady "No drink aaa. No drink. They have cctv here, later they'll sue you. No drink inside here".. 


So Malaysian, kalau travel guna MRT dorang, please beware and behave. Tahan tangan tu dari capai apa2 untuk dimakan atau diminum. Nanti tak pasal2 kena denda 500$. <(*O*)>

Source : google

4. The Hotel

Hotel had settled the booking. My friend picked the 8-beds dorm set room. It was cheap. The website shows RM50 something (I can't remember the exact price actly). But it comes with the taxes and gst. Which boost up the price to RM70++. (RM73 if I'm not mistaken). But it was still cheap lah kan. Still under our budget.

She chose the Phil Inn Hotel. At the Little India area, Dickson Street. Stated at their door was 18$ ( I saw other's review saying . So I think that's the cheapest compared to the others where you found online which is 21$ and above. But still as I mentioned, inclusive with the taxes and gst, it was still 21$ . HAHAH. Sbb I was paying RM70 something. So. :B

It was difficult to search for this hotel. Since it was stated in the small2 building. Well you know, the budget hotel kan. Not everyone knows. Lainlah kalau hotel yang besar and famous, tanya lah mana2 orang kat situ sure dia tahu.  The hotel was just like a budget one in Pudu's area (if in Malaysia). :)

So since it is the budget's one, so I can't expect everything to be perfect. Nama pun murah and nak cut bajet kan. After checked-in, we went to the room and it was already full with 6 paxs. And we were the last 2paxs to make it full. or can I say super full? 

The room was filled with 4 double-decker beds. It was for 8 pax per room. And the locker was just can fit for the 2 days stuff. Hikhik. You'll be need to bring your own padlock. The bathroom is in the room, which is good. The room was quite sempit  small. But, it was ok lah for me and my friend as we'll spent the hours outside for sightseeing (jalan-jalan) and not for leisure in the hotel. Since the hotel motel was just for us to sleep and rest a bit only..kitorang tutup mata je lah pasal bilik tu. Huhu

The facilities are complete, I can say. They have television, water dispenser, sink, washing machine (extra charges), toaster and microwave, and also ironing facilities at their pantry/kitchen. Btw, driks vending machines are also available. In case you need those. They have wifi. But you can only find with high speed at lobby area and the pantry. In your room, you can only dream it. Lol.

The front door of Phil Inn @ Dickson

The Lobby

The Hallway

Free computer stations at the lobby are available for guests usage.

They have an elevator


The beds

The Pantry

Washing Machine

The Kitchen 

My loyal handbag since I was 19. hikhik

Source of photos: From

There are so many budget hotel/motel where you can find at the ChinaTown Area and other areas as well. Because I saw a few of motels/budget's place yang same price and about-this-budget's range to stay. :)

Phil Inn Motel is a 10 minutes walking distance to MRT Station. Indeed, That's not too far. Although the building is so hard to find at first, but the distance from other main point is quite short. So for the backpacker, it wouldn't be a problem to walking just for 7-10 minutes. Right? *Wink

p/s: My rate is 3/5 if you ask me. Because I don't feel so comfortable here. Because me and my friend were staying with the permanent guest. PERMANENT! They live there at the room. almost 3 months dah okay!, so I was not really satisfied with that matter since the staff didn't explain to us or inform us earlier. Shouldn't they supposed to clean up the room and get ready for the new guests to stay? huh.


5. Universal Studio Singapore

Read here Universal Studio Singapore (part 1)

Read here Universal Studio Singapore (part 2)

18th December 2016

6. Sightseeing at the day 

And well well well. I was so tired when I was back from USS. Sebab I was rounding the USS like I wanna stay there! Hahah! I was  rounding the USS for 3 times if I'm not mistaken :P

The day after an exhausted one, I start my day with packing everything and checking-out straight away. Because I don't think I can make it to the hotel back to pack everything. And I went to the Golden Mile Tower (as my cousin told me) to buy the ticket bus back to Malaysia. There is another one you can find the ticket counter, at Golden Mile Complex, the building right next to Golden Mile Tower.

Bus ticket price and destination from Singapore to Malaysia (click for enlargement)

Bus ticket price and destination from Singapore to Malaysia . Atas tu harga ke Genting (Click for enlargement)

I'm a bit surprised since I saw the ticket bus online was 21$ - 28$ the most expensive pun. Ni suddenly it was 30$?! I was like whadduf? And I can't find other ticket counter other than this. Rupanya other tickets counter were located beside this tower building. They're in Golden Mile Complex. Not Golden Mile Tower. The one I found first was at Golden Mile Tower. No wonder ada seketul je tickets counter kat sini. -.- 
I saw the other counter which at the complex was selling at 20++ dollars. So it fits my budget. Unfortunately I already bought the 30$ ticket's at the tower. Daym girl.

(27$ + 10$) - 30$ = 7$

But I ask my friend to borrow her 10$ first for the bus ticket, then once the pass returned, the 10$ deposit of mine will be hers. (Since I have limited money, nasib baik lah dia setuju utk tolong bila kita mintak) Well that's why you have to choose your buddy for travelling. If she/he so kind, she/he will definitely offer you without being asked :P

Straight to BTS (Bandar Tasik Selatan, Kuala Lumpur) as it says. I was so happy because the BTS station is so nearby with my house. They have other destinations in Malaysia as well such as Melaka/JB, you know. I bought the ticket and here we go! Time to sightseeing! *wink 

The view was amazing. The weather wasn't much differ than Malaysia. They're still Asia right. What do you expect? Hewhew

Still in Christmas Mood btw.

Beautiful tree

Giant Crab for sell :O @ Esplanade Mall

Finally! I'm here :) @ Merlion Park

Still shy

And shy again

And it was late evening with a long way (acah2 New York). I went to the Garden By The Bay around 6pm since the place was incredibly beautiful at night (they say). 

7. Gardens by The Bays

Read here Garden By The Bays

8. Sightseeing at night

After returning my visitor pass, it was a time to go back to the Golden Mile Complex to wait for the bus. We bought the MRT ticket manually (without the pass). And the Changi Airport MRT station to the station near to Golden Mile Tower was about 2$ mcmtu kot. I lupa lah :/

7$ - 3$ +- = 5$ +-

And since I was 2 hours early, I have decide to go for night sightseeing. Why not right? You're leaving Singapore tonight in 2 hours more and it's time for you to enjoy literally till the end of the time. :P And we still haven't buy our souvenirs yet.

I went to this one street I'm not sure what's the street's name. Arab Street kot. :P 

The Street was super cool. There are many arabian and pakistani's restaurant you can find there. Not really happening since lot of shops already closed but yet still cool because there were still fella hanging out and melepak macam kat mamak kl tu. Hehe

Backpacker Pub

House of Kebab

I love the entrance :)

Ciao, anyone?

Hello, Tukish Cafe here ;D

Feeling safe by looking at 7E? :P

Oh Hye! How long you've been there? 

More like kedai RM2  in Malaysia but it is RM6 since it is 2$ :P


Glam Village
The Mosque of Sultan

The story about Sultan's Mosque
Macam mamak la sebab ramai anak muda melepak sini. Hihi

There was nothing to buy la kat situ. Last2 we were buying something at Golden Mile Complex. I still have a few dollars lagi weh. And why not I just finished all my dollars to buy something kan. Maybe 1 pcs of fridge magnet ke. :P And yeah I bought the magnet. It was around 3-4$ for each. 2.5$ ke 3.5$ entah.

But what I know I just have 0.20$ left in my purse plus RM20++ Malaysia money. kahkah. But I was so happy sbb i was really fit my budget weh for 60$ only for my expenses siap ticket go back to Malaysia dan ada extra Malaysia money (RM) lagi. YAYY!!! *winkwink*

But of course lah you need to have extra backup money for your expenses. If not, you'll be just like me kan. Thank God my friend was helpful :p

And it's time to go back to Golden Mile Tower for Malaysia! My bus was delayed to almost 1am. Pheww. Goodbye Singapore. Till we meet again. Definitely will meet again. I really want to start over with you dear SG. This first time of my backpackers trip wasn't good enough for me. But it was normal lah kan since my friend pun already had an experience where her first time travelling as a backpacker, wasn't the best as the second and the so-on. Huhu.

I'm leaving

Btw, still a sweet memory for me, having kind-of difficult-ease time there even just for about 40 hours. Hiks. 

I've arrived at Kuala Lumpur around 6am. Well, what I was so disappointed with this bus was they were saying they stopped at the Berjaya Times Square/TS (Times Square) and Pudu right? But they only stop at one place which is Time Square. Thank God I am so familiar with that place (since it is the place I grew up), and still have the LRT Station. But it was difficult to my friend la since she wanted to go back straight away to Penang that morning. Phew. Now we need to take LRT pulak to the terminal Bus Sepadu (TBS). Damn. tired.


Total revenue : RM583.24 +- (~ RM590-RM600) 
//but it was RM793.24 since I kena tipu pasal USS ticket and my rugi was doubled sebab i kena paid to my friend as a ganti rugi. *please laugh* ;D

Flight ticket : RM66
Hotel budget at Singapore : RM72 (18$)
Travel foods : RM25+- (maggie, bread, tuna, chipmore, energy bars)
USS + Gardens By The Bay : RM278.10 (90$) - (bought at Changi Airport Station)
MRT Visitor Pass : RM49.44 (26$ ; ticket 16$ unlimited access + 10$ deposit get back after return the ticket)
Bus back to Malaysia : RM92.70 (30$ ; depends on season/holidays. Mine was at school holiday so a bit expensive. They sell at a range of 21-20++$ at low season)
My lost : RM120
Ganti rugi yang i need to pay to my friend, lol : RM90

Other expenses : Keep with you about 30-50$ IF YOU CAN. but i think 30$ should be enough for 2days 1night (AND IF YOU WANNA EAT OTHER THAN YOUR TRAVEL FOOD)
Emergency : Keep at least RM25 (or RM50) with you in case you need anything once you back to Malaysia. I back to Malaysia and have about RM25 in my wallet and it was for the LRT fees to go back home. =)

//Maybe it was a little bit expensive compared to if you join the travel agency/team. But it was the on-the-go backpacker trip. Was a last minute preparation and decision (a month before), so it was a bit less preparation and surveying about this & that. Bytheway, it is something that i can proud of right? Because i did it by myself A-Z out of sudden. Shouldn't i be happy? ;P The problems can be overcome for the next backpacker trips and the good one can be remained. Right? ;)

p/s: Hoping this would help a freshie/first-time backpacker to begin your trips. I really do hope. If anything you guys just can comment and ask me. Sorry for not being the best itinerary ever. And sorry if this itinerary is the worst ever :/

Source: google



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