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Can I continue my story or I've talked too much?

Okay nevermind maybe I just continue to share about me getting the job and start my first job after study and how I change the job to even better and how I'm getting jobless again and how I get my current job. 

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So after my final exam on January 2016, I have started my career on April 2016. As a Telemarketing Executive. Yurp. I know it's way too far from my field of study, but maybe this is what all companies in Malaysia wanted, for us, fresh graduate, to gain an experience. So.

I was actually choosing what job and company I want to work for. Sampailah I felt like ohmy dah almost two months ni. Tak boleh jadi. So my friend had convince me to try working there first. So, I tried. 

Telemarketing Executive at UTS Marketing Solution

Who didn't know about this job. Everyone knows. Even negara mat salleh pun ada this type of job. UTS is a third-party insurance seller. I was assigned under Prudential Insurance. So basically I was selling Prudential insurance via phone call. We are authorized by Prudential itself.

Working there was not too bad. It was okay at first because they gave you the class which you have to attend for the Insurance Knowledge. So, *tingtingone point there to gain the knowledge for current trending and concept of insurance (knowledge is expensive). Working there was easy since we don't have to speak and explain the insurance in English (or it would be so difficult). All in Malay Language. 

I started working with the salary of RM 1,500. As a bachelor degree, with a good grade. I wasn't expect this. None of my friends does. Because from what we've been telling since young, degree student will be start their work with minimum salary of RM 2,500. Estimated range of salary will be RM2,200 - RM2,800 (it's lucky for those who get that range of salary). But, again I gave it all to rezki of Allah. So I was so redha since finding job nowadays is so incredibly hard. 

First week was still okay since a few seniors been helpful. The team leader also very helpful. And it comes to the end of the week and next week and following week. It became worst and worst, day by day. They had yelled at us, they had forced us to make at least 1 sale. I know the point of hiring someone there is to make a sale. But yet the sales was out of our control. We can try deadly hard to sale the insurance, but if the customers still don't want to buy, we can't do anything. You know, we can just convince but the power of buying or not is at the customer itself. Tambah-tambah lagi dengan rumors of getting call from a liars and scam company. Sedikit sebanyak it was affected the sales since not everyone we have called, believe with us. But rather tryin' than getting scold right. =(

I am someone who can work under pressure (experiencing all the paperworks for final projects and the dateline), but this pressure is too much. No pressure is too pressure than this pressure. We got scold everyday, every hours, every minutes, every seconds. Like we are not even a human anymore. If all other companies who had rejected us as degree fresh grade with good results wanted us to have an experience like this, we better give up since early and just working after SPM. 

Mentally abused. MasyaAllah, that's what I felt in that particular month. A few of my new friends over there also cannot adapt with their torture. They asked us to come to work early, they cut our lunch time, they asked us to stay till 8-8.30pm (for those who's not achieve target). It was crazy! My mom been telling me to be patient while waiting for THE job. My bestfriend, rock was calming me and always cheering me up so that I can forget all the stress at my work.

We just wait till the end of the month to get the salary and resign. I was with that company for one and a half month. My friends? They are all already cabut and berambus just like that after getting the salary. But I'm staying for the half month because I don't have any backup work yet. And still, I'm not the type of someone who's not responsible. So I had resigned with a polite and discipline way. 

I was resigned when I got an offer from Red Alert Online Sdn Bhd. I was so excited and I can't wait to start working with them. Although the offer only for Admin Clerk with RM 1,500 per month, it is enough for me and I was so very thankful as long as I can get the hell out from that telemarketing place. 

p/s: There was still giving me a good point though. Knowledge of insurance and how to get confident when you talk in formal manners with people you don't know. Alhamdulillah..

Administration Clerk at Red Alert Online Sdn Bhd

Went for interview with my bestfriend rock at Menara MBf. Dan berkat doa from my mom and my friends, I got the job. I started working at Red Alert Online on 20th May 2015. I still remember my first day working. A bit dull because they gave me training first. Training about their systems. So I meant a bit dull sbb I was yawning like 10 times a day. Boring. Tapi after a week, it was good sbb I dah start working as an administrator. Everyone was so nice and welcomed me. Not just at first but until then. Sangat best and I am so super thankful sbb I can escape from UTS.

Right after 5 months I'm working with them, I got offer letter to sign my permanent position's letter. It was a good sign sbb my probation period is 6 months and then my boss deliver the letter earlier than its time. Of course you happy right.

But since I was still in the mood of looking for my THE job (because I always want achieve my target to get a job with the salary RM2000-RM2500. At least for now till it goes high), so I was in the dilemma, to sign or not to sign. If I sign, that means I was agreed to give one month notice if I want to resign (which is hard for me if i got the THE job later) and agreed with RM 1,600 per month salary (which is..not achieving my target yet). I was actually been thinking a few days and I dont have a choice but to sign. *Sigh

It's not because I dont like the job or the organization within, I like them! I love my job! But then you know, RM1,600 is not enough if you live in Kuala Lumpur. But I am lucky since I dont have to sewa the house cause my family's living here since my elder sister was borned and I didnt owned a car yet so I'm not serabut like other people who does. But yet still, my public transports' fees, my duit makan, my PTPTN loan, to give my mom some more, for my simpanan to kahwin or to travel. You know. *Sigh

After signing the letter a month later, I got the job offered from MSG Networks Sdn Bhd. So, resigning by short-notice, I got my mini farewell by officemates belanja me Pizza and boss gave me the present. So blessed. So sayang rasanya nak leaving someone, strangers, you're comfortable with. =(

Thank you everyone at Red Alert Online Sdn Bhd. I love you guys so much. You guys' have taught me how to gain experience and how to respond with corporate with formality and everything. =)

MSG Network Sdn Bhd

I didn't even know what the company do. I've checked their website, but nothing. And I didn't found any forum telling me that it is the scam company. And after going for the interview, I've informed that their still new and the website is still under progress. The company is actually selling health products. But the position I was offered was not involve the selling activities (which is I absolutely will refuse because I hate sales and marketing and I'm not good at it, AT ALL). They offered me with Admin Executive position with RM2,000 + RM300 (allowance). The allowance will be given if you involve in their meetings and registration activities. So I was like, agreed. (thinking of the impressive salary package).

My work is great at first. See? When I say at first, you already know what will be happened. Bad. Worst. Again. First salary gettin' late. Second salary. Naadaa. Tiada. Yes. I don't get my second month salary.

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My luck is not always good. Perhaps in my studies, even I didn't even study I still can pass and get B grade in the result. But I was wrong about the good luck. I forgot that this is outside world. This is the world that you are travelling alone (even you have peoples around you). All the things you said, get and refuse is under your own responsibility. You are responsible for your life. For what have happened to you. I am responsible to myself. I am. And I have decided to leave my current job.
So.. being jobless. AGAIN. 
So probably you guys said I am not someone who is grateful for what Allah has given. I am, indeed. But yet when the opportunity comes with a good package, and it is still halal resource, why would I refuse right. And yeah, being jobless is not I am proud for. Since my focus is to be stable by the end of the year 2015. And I lost it all. Everything. My job, my career. I was so down that time. In the middle of December 2015, I am a jobless person. What do you guys expect? For me to be happy and enjoy my leisure time? NO.

Down because my friends are working.
Down because I felt like my family looking down to me (since i'm jobless)
Down because I felt like my friends ejek me just because I'm jobless
Down because I felt so IMPOSSIBLE  for me to get the job since Malaysia is so fragile right now. 

But you know. I always believe in what Allah said. He said don't ever give up. He will help people who never give up. I was applying again at the jobstreet for many position. Berbekalkan my 5 months experience at Red Alert Online. I went for many job interviews. Aeon Jusco, O'Briens Sandwich Sdn Bhd, UOB, OCBC, A'Famosa, etc.

I was planning to get into shift-type of job. Since I was thinking that it would help me to get extra money (instead of having 2-3 jobs). Extra money so that I can have more savings for my wedding later. 

Thinking, dreaming and sleeping.. 

It's new year already. 
And it's already 2016. 
And I am still didn't get any job.

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Allah maha penyayang. On 13th January I got email from Pn.Maria (bukan nama sebenar) from one of the comapny I've listed above.  And Alhamdulillah.. I was offered as Admin Executive in their KL Office. And my first day would be tomorrow (14th Jan 2016). Syukur alhamdulillah. I was so happy. My mom was so happy and my bestfriend pun happy for me. 

And I got offered with quite good salary (achieving my target). Alhamdulillah yang tak terhingga. Sesungguhnya rahsia Allah tiada siapa yang tahu. Perancangan Allah lebih baik dari perancangan manusia. Perancangan Allah yang terbaik.. 

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Aaannddd here I am now. Career back on track. And let's focus on the most important thing after bad things happened; family and establishing mosque :)

SubhanAllah..Wish me all the best.

And all the best everyone out there.
All the best in facing world out there for those whose fresh grades (like me)
All the best in preparing your physical and mental to facing world after studies.
All the best in being patient.
Make your soul close to Allah. Everytime.

Thank you for those whose reading. 


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