Monday, February 22, 2016

After Graduating : A New Life-Exploring Started


When it is time for you to start leaving the city that you had your most friends there and leaving the memories all alone at miles away, it doesn't sounds as easy as it looks. Moving back to your hometown and you have finished your degree studies. It did feels right and ease and smiles and relieve (cos you don't have anything to hold or studies anymore), but it was just for a while. I repeat. For A While.

...and then you started to miss everything like tsunami hits you.

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Now that your mission have changed right after you obtain your final degree results. It is the same condition when you are in a relationship and you love your husband/wife so much and suddenly your baby pop up and born and you did not ready to get the news and you are excited you know you'll be happy but at the same time you just did not know what to do. And suddenly your love has swap 90 degrees from your husband/wife to your baby. Is that even related?

What I meant was, you were confused. For sure. I was confused. I was confused between to moving on or to stay remembering the old good times I had at my university. (Well, sure does I can't forget my colony and old good times because I never have had one. Not in my diploma life. Diploma was sucks. Peoples are evil. So much sucks. It really really really sucks and nothing good to remember anything.) Maybe till I get enough of them soon?

So as much as I don't want to accept the facts that I am already graduated and need to find a job and start my career, I need to. I should to. I have to. It was not easy for me to letting go my study life, I did have a nice vacation with a few of my colony to Langkawi Island right after our final exam ended. Right before we are all saying goodbye and heading back to our own hometown. It was fun. I should share a few awesome pictures of me and my friends had back there, later update.

And then there I was, home. Hello Kuala Lumpur. 

Having a short breath-out of myself after ending my studies life for entire years (away from family and home) was a good decision I made myself. What made it goes wrong was at the wrong time, your good decision might killed yourself first before you are successfully breathing-out. I'm not blaming my country's economic issues, but yet, it was so hard for me to get the job. (even I have a good grade)

I was being a jobless-higher-grades-freshgraduate. I'm not blaming anyone in here. All have been written by Allah. I know every fresh graduates have experienced this moment, being jobless. It is impossible for us when we just finished our studies and we can straight away start our work and build up our career. That's what peoples called ups and downs. Being jobless is not something you can enjoy (unless you came from super-rich family). I don't have to say, everyone here knows. You have to get a job. You have to work. You have to get money. You have to eat foods. And foods need money. 

I was applying quite many jobs in . I was searching many keywords to see which jobs are suitable for a fresh grade like me. I'm not totally blaming my university or my course because Marine Technology is covering a wide range of field. We can actually working under Shipping & Logistics and even in Port areas because we did learned about the Port & Shipping Management (my favourite chapter). Some of us really wanted to work for marine engineering department/areas since it was one of our major subjects. But then none of us are able to enter the engineering areas because we only took the engineering subject for one semester only and that is not deeply teaching. I mean it was just a general one. Sadly. We as marine students were trying so HARD to get into the marines' field (not to mention only offshore. Onshore included). Why? That is because they prefer someone who has a Bach Degree (which is us) with minimum 2 years of experience (which is NOT US). =)

So..thank you dear all companies for "giving" us THAT opportunity to moving on to other field to start our career.
Thank you  dear all companies for giving us "EXPERIENCE" of being rejected.
Thank you dear all companies for teaching us that "no experience, no jobs" rule.

And now where are we supposed to gain and obtained THE EXPERIENCES as required by MOST COMPANIES in Malaysia to start our career where at the same time rejecting us and not giving me the opportunity of being hired and collecting the experiences?

You Tell Me Now.
I was being a jobless for about a month (starting from the month I started to looking for a job). And then there is Mid February, and here it comes End-February..March.. Mid March...End of March.. And still you don't get anything. Zero. No calls. No interview requests. No. Nothing. Naada.

Indah Nada Puspita

You know. Not everyone is a lucky person. Not everyone is lucky to have a great job after they just finished their study. Not everyone is lucky to get their dream-job. Not everyone is lucky to have backup from their rich family. Not everyone is lucky to go travelling before started their career. Everything goes back to rezki of Allah. Of course we tried, harder and harder. But then if Allah said it is not the rezki for us, it is not. 

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