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A'Famosa Resort Melaka


Day 1

On the 20th August, my company had a 2D 1N team-building arrangement at A'Famosa Resort Melaka. It was a very great moment and amazing experience. We have arrived at the resort around 9am. After registration, we straight away go to the fishing pond for the team-building activities.

Teambuilding Course

A'Famosa Resort Melaka held their team-building activities at 2 areas, which are Fishing Pond and Kite Flying Area. However you can find the most activities are held at the fishing pond, because at fishing pond, they have more equipment to do the activities. Plus, the fishing pond held more areas compared to the kite flying area.

There are several courses of team building provided:

  1. Crimson River
  2. Best of the Best (1 & 2)
  3. Forbidden Circle
  4. Flying fox

With the courses, you might choose what course you want. The rate is different depends on what course and how many course you take. My company chooses 3 of those. We were playing flying fox, best of the best (1& 2) and also forbidden circle.

I tell you, the activity is really tiring. But, the coach was really helpful and encourage us about the team bonding and all. And of course we all had fun.

At night, we have our private bbq dinner at Istana Hall. The food arrangement was superb and all their food are delicious! I eat literally everything okay. ^^

I only take photo of desserts because I am crazily bout them more than main course ;p

After the bbq dinner, we went to Old West Carnival at the Cowboy Town. They are now rarely called it as a cowboy town. The name have changed to Old West. Here are some of the Old West summary:

Old West

Operating Hour        : Daily (6pm - 12am)

F&B Outlets     : The Ranch Steak House, Huang Di Restaurant, Kopitiam, and Disco Pub
Shows                    :  Red Indian Show (8.30pm)
                                Carnival (9.15pm)
                                Firework (10pm)

Red Indian Show

You can watch the Red Indians performing the heady fire-blowing act. Witness the brave warriors blow flames from their mouth, present the daring feat of fire-eating and perform their tribal ceremonial dances. Let their Red Indians tickle your funny bone with their humorous yet dangerous stunts. You'll be enjoyed!


Join their biggest and the most happening event. Be cheered with the Music Parade, Colorful FLoats, be charmed with the fascinating and beautiful dancers and have fun at their street party!


You will also definitely gaze in amazement as they light up the skies with the longest running firework display in Malaysia every night.. You will love it!

I didn't get any chance to snap or record while the show. Guess I was enjoying the show so much. It was a very wonderful night. Their shows will bring you back to the moment when you're celebrating new year. Really fun and joy!

Day 2

We start our day with an amazing breakfast of theirs at the Golfer Terrace (GT).

*Fyi, the Golfer Terrace is the place where they serve buffet breakfast, buffet lunch and also buffet dinner. Except for bbq arrangement or private dinner, they'll assist you to have them in the provided halls. Might have different charges since you choose to have a group-privacy. And at the same roof they called clubhouse, the have many halls such as Istana hall, Hang Tuah hall, Hang Nadim hall etc with representing the patriot of Malacca in the ancient time.

I give 4 stars for the buffet breakfast.

At Condo Cafe- waiting for buggy to pick us up

Happy naik buggy :P

Happy face again! \*.*/

Safari Wonderlands

We continue our trip to the Safari Wonderlands. Previously was Animal World Safari. I heard they were adding 2 hippos in the Safari. Anddd there they were. So big and...so big! I love playing with the goats. They're so clean and wangi okay. I think they might have been showered.:P

Operating Hour        : Daily (9am - 5pm)

F& B Outlets           : Lake View Restaurant, Local Food Court & Bamboo Steak House
Shows                    :  Elephant Encounter (10.15am & 4.30pm)
                                Multi Animal Fun Play (11.20am & 3pm)
                                Colour of The Birds (12pm & 3.45pm)
                                Wild wild west (2.15pm)

Tiger Encounter.

The tiger is so handsome!

At Safari Wonderlands, you can also find the very enjoyable attraction like:

  • Elephant Encounter/Elephant Ride
         RM 15/pax per ride

  • Tiger Encounter
         RM 32/pax

  • Reptile House
         Where you can find many species of snakes and crocodiles.

  • Walk Thru Area
         Experiencing touching and get closer to the animals in their cage

  • Safari Adventure
        You get the chance exploring the magic of wildlife habitats and environment in their safari truck.

  • Monkey Island
         Not to be missed is the trip to Monkey Island, a tree-covered islet located in the middle of a lake. A motorized raft takes visitors to the island.

  • Orang Utans of Borneo
         Their Orang Utans are comfortably staying at home with a mini waterfall, a pond with exercising facilities, resting corner and they can roam as if they are in jungle as A'Famosa ensure that their enclosure complemented the natural habitat of the primate.

You can also buy the ticket admission with their set lunch. I think it's more worthy than you're buying the lunch by walk-in.

Water Theme Park

A'Famosa have several slides for you to try and have fun. Splash away in "The Largest Water Theme Park in Malaysia", as you begin your thrilling water escapade. You also can do telematch activities if you're in a big group, in the Water Theme Park.

Operating Hour        : Daily (11am - 7pm) except Tuesday

F& B Outlets           : Side Walk Cafe (Buffet lunch); Fast Food Pavilion, Food Court

Some of the slides:

  1. Family Raft Slide
  2. Body Slide
  3. High Speed Slide
  4. Inner Tube Slide
  5. HulaHula
  6. Big Ice Cream

Other attractions:
  1. Wahaha
  2. Lazy River
  3. Wave Pool
  4. Kids Adventure Pool
  5. Arabian Village
  6. Sand Area (mostly for telematch/group activities)

Their water theme park also have set lunch like safari wonderlands and buffet lunch. Again I didn't take the photo for the water park environment, but yet their areas are so big and you will definitely find joy and excitement over there! :)

Sports & Recreation

You will find whatever you need, whether you're on family vacation or business treat.

Operating Hour        : Daily (11am - 7pm) except Tuesday
  • Horse Ride
  • Paintball War Games
  • Archery
  • Target Shooting
  • Pony Ride
  • The Maze

Our 2D 1N Teambuilding arrangement was so fun! Maybe not really fun based on how I tell the story but trust me, you will never regret spending a night and times at A'Famosa Resort Hotel Melaka. From their accommodation to their theme park to their food & beverages! Everything is so nice and yummy! Thank you again A'Famosa for the incredible service and packages. I am surely will come again ^^v

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