Monday, August 22, 2016

Elephant Trekking & Crab Statue @ Krabi Town, Thailand (Part 7)


Day 3 (part 1)
Sunday ; 7th August 2016

Continue from Part VI - Ao Nang Town & Night Market @ Krabi, Thailand

Happy Birthday to Meee :p

Good Morningggg!
I woke up late.
nasib baik x kena tinggal

Breakfast at the same place as yesterday. And heading to Hat Yai before back home. breakfast was 75 baht for my nasi ayam (50baht) and teh ais (25baht). Wow. okay la kot.

264 baht - 75 baht (b/fast) - 10 baht (nenas) = 179 baht

Sixth place : Elephant Trekking

I'm not riding the elephant because I couldn't bear their sad face getting scold and beat. Oh God. I hate this place actually. Poor them Elephant. Poor them. :((
But heyy, it's up to you guys. Takde salah pun if you guys nak ride them. But for those yang over sensitive like me, you guys can just feed them, yes, by your own hand. Hikhik. I can't remember how much buying the food and feed them. *thinking*

Btw, their riding fees is 500 baht/pax.

Sanggup amik gambar je lah. huhu

Seventh place : Crab Statue, Hat Yai

Take a breath and snap a photo. :) Oh and since we're quite late and rushing, we just stop there around 10-15 minutes only. Long wayyy to go to the floating market >.< 
By the way we were not late because of the agency didn't know how to manage the time and all, we were late because it was heavy rain okay before we were all check out from the hotel. Other group already check out and depart to the Elephant Trekking, but only our group a bit late sebab anak dara ramai group ni so semua lambat pasai gedik takmau kena hujan and nak makeup2. Hahah! 

See? Limited time but haha, I had fun mann. We all do. Even with all the malaysian-strangers, I'm glad we all had the best trip so far. *Feeling relieved*

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