Monday, August 22, 2016

Ao Nang Town & Night Market @ Krabi Thailand (Part 6)


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Take a bath and get ready for the night-walk, we were going out around 5:30pm. God! Luckily I've iron my shawls and already get dressed! Heyy, this time's street walking and sight-seeing was so fun compared to our first day. Hiks hiks. So here we are! Jalan-jalan again at the Ao Nang town.

Worth to buy 

The Famous Pancake in Thailand. We bought 3 sets
*Must try


We bought 1 set

350 baht

More choices in the town's market

Heyy backpacker's place

Not enough time to do a massage thing

Hello diverssss. *winky

I couldn't resist when ladies said she's not gonna buy anything but actually they'll definitely buy something and more thing. HAHAH. I bought 2 bags at the Ao Nang town. And 1 shirt. Aduhaii

1,045 baht - 30 baht (ice cream) - 40 baht (pancake) - 40 baht (tako) - 100 baht (extra t-shirt) - 450 baht (bags) - 50 baht (dried strawberry) = 335 baht

Fifth place : Ao Nang Night Market 

The night market was so rousing like Malaysia's. But not very lucky because it was going to rain and we only passed by a few stalls. But hey we were still have a time for DY-Batik painting before the raining came. :D

And thanks to Epah and Mint cos treat me the batik we colored together. It was the very first present I got for my birthday that day, this year. Couldn't feel so blessed that night than being here with you guys new friends ^^v

Bought for only 20 baht

DIY-Batik painting

Opss! seksa.

335 baht - 20 baht (mango) - 16 baht (Laurier) - 35 baht (kek for myself) = 2264 baht

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