Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Hey, Have Some Fun!


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Have you every had that feeling?
When you refuse to get out of bed, but life is just calling you. If possible you would rather just snuggle in your blanket, shutting down from the world. Cause its safer to cave in, then to face everyone. You just dont feel like talking to anyone, not even your mother about anything. Its just one of those days you would lie on the floor and stare at the empty ceiling, feeling nothing. ( ; AdbhAwg)

Actually everyone have that time of feeling. You feel like no one is understand you. Even your closest friend. But yet it'll just come once at a long time. It doesn't mean you're alone. It doesn't mean your friends and family doesn't love you. And one important thing of course you jangan layan that feeling sangat. Sebab kalau you still go on dengan that ridiculous feeling, you'll end up being a sad person. Do you want to be a sad person? I bet you don't.
So, instead of melayan perasaan and berterusan fikir negative and end up buat benda2 yang lagha, why don't you try to cheer you up?
Some people maybe will do Solat Sunat.
But perhaps you found other ways to cheer yourself up.
How bout something nice like grab some good food?
Urm, *thinking*
oh yeah, karaoke?

And of course there's a lot cheerful stuff you can do instead of winding away your mind and thoughts.
Well, have fun have fun jugak., Allah jangan lupa. ;)

See ya!

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