Sunday, September 11, 2016

String Attached!

Assalamualaikum everyone. (Who are here reading my blog of course)

Yesterday of Saturday 100916, someone is getting enggaged! Yayy!
Oh no no no. Not me. Could you please not thinking of me getting any "string attached" yet? I'm a looooooong way to go duhh 🙄

That someone is nizam's childhood friend. Acit is someone that both of us (me and well my bakal suami Insya Allah) close to. He's friend of nizam since childhood. I started to know him around 6years ago. Well since i knew nizam first since 7years ago 😌 We took a very long time to get in a line together. Acit isn't someone who can get along with someone gedik especially someone gedik like me 😅 But since a few years back, he started to listen to what im talking. Apparently before this he was just ignore me and idk why 😒 us gerting along just makes nizam more comfortable to bring him along while lepaking with me and vice versa.

Acit's engagement day isn't something we are expected to happen so fast. Like this. When he popped up the matter to tied half the knot with the girl we called micky, we were surprised! But at the same time so happy. Why? Because he deserve someone sweet and so kind-hearted like micky. Although me and nizam just starting to know micky last year (she did come to my open house last year,once), but we knew that she is really nice girl. And i know she wouldn't get acit any trouble or problems. I can see how wife-material micky is. Muka dia sangat sejuk mata memandang. ☺️

Congrats to our close friend! At last one of your string finally get attached! Hiks. 😊💕

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