Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Not A Favourite One


And now I know I'm not the favourite friends after all. Perhaps.

I am still waiting up till now (28/12/16) for my friends to do a bachelorete party for me. 3 days more to get married and tadaaaa! takde. Yes! I am desperate and sgt mengharap kawan2 I do something like makan2 whatsoever mcm I tgk kawan2 I yg lain having fun at their bachelor party. Malangnya, tiada.

I used to be part of this one group yg buat bachelor party surprise utk one of the ahli. Wanie. Yes, dengan sis pun terbabit. For the very first time sis gather and kitorang snap gambar mcmtu. With her wearing the selimpang bride-to-be. Ahh. seronoknya!

And I was thinking, nnt siapa yg next kahwin mesti dilakukan seperti itu juga. And I'm the next. and, nope. Nothing. Nothing for me. Maybe because I'm not one of the ahli.

Yurp, maybe I'm too sensitive for this. It's just a party and selimpang je. What's worst? It doesn't mean I tak jadi kahwin bila takde party and that selimpang. But the truth is, I am so sad. sbb dorang not even thinking to do anything for me. Yes, I'm a sensitive person. Cepat touching and blabla.

And I lah yg pg message sorang2 nak mintak gather utk sis buat party sndiri (aka makan2 je pun and sis belanja ok). And see? out of so many, 2 orang je yg ok and insya Allah blh jumpa. Ok. Writing this one making me cry.

Thank you friends.
Thank you sebab tak pernah jaga hati orang lain.
Thanks wa, bitah, wanie.
Terbaik ah korang.

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