Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Official Dates


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Besides my solemnization & wedding reception dates, my mom agreed with my decision to have a henna night and bridal shower. Not really shower for me but it is more like gathering my close friends (not the bridesmaid oh pls) and have a makan-makan and put the Henna together, and there's desserts and western foods ~


So since I don't plan for the bridesmaid bagai, I've decided to have 2 times of my henna night. And since my solemnization and reception is in 2 different dates, so, one henna night is per event. Hehe.

Henna Night #1 : 31st December 2016
Solemnization   : 1st January 2017
Henna Night #2 : 6th January 2017
Reception          : 7th January 2017

Tadaaa :D
I'm the happiest person weyhh. Aumm!

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So dont forget to save the date. (ops, for invited only la )

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And of course I can't wait to be the princess for the whole week!

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