Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Getting Hitched & Tied The Full Knot


Is it the time yet to talk a bit about my solemnization? Hiks. Okay. Well, it was started in the early morning. I'm so full of nervous about getting real hitched to my boyfriend. You know when you are not doing good with God and suddenly God is giving you what you really wanted ; being halal to your boyfriend and spend your entire life together, it took me times to feel very happy. The nervous was still there till the outdoor. I guess without the outdoor photoshoot my face wouldn't be that calm and happy. Well yes, I feel guilty.

Not that I'm not being grateful for what I got, but still; guilty is all over me now.

But that's not the main point for me not saying Alhamdulillah. I am so thankful for being called a wife to my boyfriend now, Even now I'm still can't believe that we did engaged and now, married. Can you believe me?  No I'm not. -.-"

Guess that is my little big problem inside. Which can lead and affect people surround me. Maybe I'm tooooooooo scared facing their families. I meant it. Familiessss. I forgot to prepare WELL enough to facing them. But still my belief is lying with Allah. and of course Allah will help me figure everythings out and what's going on, actually.

Regardless of all the un-prepared emotional and mental to face my new families, I am so very happy! At last. Hitched. Halal to each other. Seeing each other face days and night. And everything that I'm dream on will be start today after being a husband and wife. Will us? *thinking*

I did cried once he said "aku terima nikahnya...", like typical malay girl after her husband said that. Hukhuk. And yes, I still can't believe it. Again.

The photo goes later. Since I don't get the full version yet.
You know, the T&C of the wedding photographer.

Oh man, we did it dear husband.
We did it.
Did we?

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