Monday, February 13, 2017

The Solemnization


Urm, maybe I'm in the okay mood to talk about my solemnization the other day. Not really super happy but my mood is normal. So here we go.

The preparation wasn't really smooth. Of course lah everyone will face a test from Allah. Like me and my husband, we were being tested with rejected documents. Imagine lah penat2 sumpul document pergi sana sini sign, last2 rejected. Not really rejected means cannot kahwin at all, dia macam kena dua tiga kali kerja which means, payah. I am so wonder how the other people seems so calm to prepare all the documents. Zzz. Sampai I used to said "ish nak kahwin pun payah". But I just accept all the difficulties sbb I'm afraid Allah will pull everything away from me if I'm not being patient. Gila kau kalau Allah tiba2 tarik jodoh kau dan ganti dengan orang lain? Fuhh, taknak mak.

So, it's time for us tied the knot on 1st January 2017. Indeed nice date. But we're not really looking at the date. We just want to ensure we both will be ours, in the halal way of course. Getting hitched in morning (quite afternoon), and Alhamdulillah with only 1 pronouncement.

And yurp, I'm his. Fully his slave wife.
Oh crap.
something that I'm not fully prepared yet
haha kidding :P

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For this love
To be eternity.

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