Thursday, August 04, 2011

Annual Dinner SCISIS.

Actually this was happened on 30th July. Since there's TMTH- too much to handle, I have no time to update for that dinner moment. So here we go. I was going there with my friend; Iera. We were going by bus and we had enjoyed the moment. As I said before the dinner were held at hotel Melang Inn. There's nothing I think I can talk about but the picture does.

the welcoming.
my table.

my food :D

my place.
That will be in my stomach.

From my table's view to the stage.
Noite De' Mil Estrelas SCISIS.
Total night was enjoyed and kenyang gila. There's a lot of students wear nicely and pretty awesome on that night. Some of the time I get jealous but I'm grateful with what I got and what's on me. Btw for again and again; with a heartful tx and congrats to Society of Science; SCISIS :)

*updates: some pictures already removed since I already wearing a hijab now. :)