Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Universal Studio Singapore (part 1)


Arrived at Changi Airport and we were straight away looking for the Changi MRT Station. On our way to the MRT, I saw there was one booth that saying BUY USS TICKET HERE! I was like; to believe, or not to believe. As we passed by and I was thought that, there is impossible for him to tipu sebab he was located right in the airport building and seems really trusted. Sebab bukan kat tepi2 jalan kaki lima ke apa so I macam feel secure. 

I pulled my friend to the side and inform her about the booth. She was like "Really? mana?"
The booth was authorized. The lengchai was so nice and even speak malay with us because he wanted us to feel more comfortable with him. He said; Indeed we open booth here because to ease the customers so that they no need to queued-up too long. They even have the great packages! So many packages yang super worthy. 

We purchased the tickets from him. 
It was only 90$ !  But but but! The 90$ was inclusive the entrance for Garden by The Bay as well!
66$ for USS Entrance, and 24$ for The Gardens By The Bay! ^^
So why not?! The package was one hell of great deal! 
Yayyy.! Super happy for me and my friend.

Source: Google

Source: Google

Source: Own photo

Source: Own photo

So for those yang risau tak ada ticket and tak confident nak beli kat online dari JB ke apa ke, blh lah serbu booth kat bawah changi airport ni. Confirm2 dari orang dia. And tak perlu risau.

**the seller is trusted. Our tickets were authorized :)

Or you can purchased online from their website. Also you can cut your cost. They're selling a bit lower than the ticket counter itself. 


150$ - 90$ = 60$

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