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Universal Studio Singapore (part 2)

Getting there

After settling our check-in and unpack everything, we were going to the USS! Yayyy. I can't wait to have fun at there. From our motel at Dickson Road, Little India there's this one nearby MRT Station which is Little India Station.  (However if you're from different destination, you can always ask anyone there, or the MRT station ticket counter. No worries, the Singaporean majority are friendly and very helpful. They'll answer you anyways). 

To go to the Universal Studio SIngapore (USS), by MRT, you need to stop at HarbourFront Station. So since we were from Little India Station, we followed that purple line in the map to go straight to HarbourFront Station.

See my pink circle? That's my first point to the next.

Let's say you are from other stations, or not in the purple line which means you have to change the MRT right? Just follow the signboard in the station. You first must identify your next station's destination. Or you'll lose your way. (As i said earlier, don't be shy to ask if you're confused or don't find a way)

Can you see at the HarbourFront Station, they put the pink sign which says Sentosa Express. It means that after arriving at the HarbourFront Station, you need to take Sentosa Express train (I don't know if that train is MRT or LRT :P), to the USS.

Sorry not clear.
Sorry not clear.

You have to be noted that the VivoCity is like a "Dream City" where the USS is located. That is why from the HarbourFront, you need to take the Sentosa Express to the VivoCity. The name of the station is VivoCity. The entertainment place's name is USS. Arriving at VivoCity, you might need to have a little walk till you can find the World Globe. (Globe yang famous tu lah kan..) Btw, kalau still xtau jalan or you memang worst backpacker ever, janganlah segan tanya orang. Find Malay people la if you taknak cakap english. Takpun cakap Indonesia, so takdelah segan kalau tak reti cakap English. Eh boleh cmtu? :P

Anddd. you're seeing the globe! Yes. The famous globe. :)

Source: Google

The Day

The Night

Well yeah I did stayed inside the USS from the day till night. Huhu. Oh I have a few tips for you guys who'll be the first timer :

1. Bring your travel telekung. They have surau for praying. DOn't worry :)

2. Bring your own foods like bread/energy bars (I did) if you really want to saved up.
3. Bring EXTRA CLOTH. Because you definitely will getting wet when you're playing the Jurassic Park's. 

Well I didn't bought anything in there, but only one drink which was 3$. Tu pun sebab dah haus nak mampus nak. Mineral water pulak dah habis. I didn't bought any food over there since their foods are quite expensive, so I just eat my foods, the bread and the energy bar I bought from Malaysia.

Getting inside

Supposed the ticket counters are at your left if you're seeing the globe right in front of you at first you step in. At my time, there wasn't que-up line, and also at the gate. I thought maybe because that was Thursday and not the peak/super peak seasons; that's why there wasn't many people. Kot. :P

So bermulalah episode kita bersuka-ria dan bermain ya. :D

So my cousin had advised me to go for their show first. Because they have their shows at specific time. But I passed all shows, because my friend was rather playing than watching the shows. But welp, you may check the shows' time at the entrance. :) I'm sure you don't want to miss even one of their shows! *wink

The Store

I love the street


The Puss In Boots'

In Front of the Fiona's Castle

The Castle

So beautiful

Peace  =)

Jurassic Park :)

The Streets at night

The Egypt again ;)

So maybe this is one of their shows that I've found on youtube. You can find a lot more there :) 

And I'm suggesting one more. this video is so recommended to be watched by whoever wanted to take a pre-tour or intro about the USS. at least, before you're clueless there since the place is quite spacious. :)

And I think this is the perfect full tour of USS done by TheMiniMen. Again, I've found this from youtube, of course :) You can guess the whole place by watching his vids. 

And I had so much fun even I missed the show (maybe I'll see the show later on with my fiance. *wink) I had the Egypt's roller coaster twice., but I can't make it twice for the transformers'. The queue was unbelievable long. Oh btw, I used the locker to keep my belongings inside, since they won't allow you to bring any of yours especially roller coaster la. Of course lah kan. I've been realized that when I use the locker at transformer station was a bit cheaper than other station. The transformer's lockers has longer minutes than the others'. If I'm not mistaken, 2$-3$ for 65 minutes at transformer's locker but 40 minutes something at Egypt's. Maybe because the ride of roller coaster at transformer's is longer than others'.

34$ - 3.5$ (orange juice) - 3$ +- (locker) = 27$ +-

Tips: Don't forget to bring your own empty bottle (if you wanna save up). You can find water cooler at most of the place in Singapore. I've bought orange drink for 3.5$ inside the USS. And they were selling nachos as tidbits at 6$ if I'm not mistaken. It is cheap lah if you aren't from Malaysia :P

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