Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Garden By The Bays

As I've mentioned earlier I've bought the tickets together with the package of USS, so I save quite a lot here. The deal was awesome. Now it's time for us to explore the night at the most beautiful place in Singapore. :)

Oh ignore my cat pouch

Entrance for flower dome and cloud forest at Gardens By The Bay

The ticket was just 24$ (RM74.16) only instead of..ok I'm not sure. 28$ Kot. ^^,

Getting there

Getting there was quite difficult. Because I kept asking people around how to get there. And then there was this long long way to go. The only way is going inside to this one shopping mall named Marina Bay Sands. It is the largest luxury shopping mall in Singapore okayy. Wow. 

Went up by the longest escalator I've ever been (lol) and walk along this one long way. 

And the Gardens By The Bay is at that tree-tower. Jauh lagi..

There was so many people. But yeah, it was Friday night afterall, no wonder ramai orang. They were moving so slow, well, watching the scenery and all. Kan..

The Gateway to the Gardens By The Bay
I'm not sure what is the name of it

Source:Google.  The entrance of Flower Dome
Pretty at daylight

Amazing at night

"when your friend has tangan tak bedung hand" lol >.<

Entrance of Cloud Forest
Source: Google.   
Source : Google

Source: Google

Cloud Forest main entrance. Just wow.

At the top level.

Bottom view

We didn't make it to go for every level at the Cloud Forest. Because we were rushing to return back our Visitor Pass at MRT office counter. They closed on 9pm. And we were still stuck in there at 8.39pm! Either we are running like hellll or our 10$ was just burn.

And we have decided to running like hell.
We have decided.
And we had to.
Luckily it was 2 person's decision and both of us agreed.
And yeah, we did get back our 10$ deposit. She did get back her money. Deal. I'm off of the hutang!. Yayyy! Because I hate being at debt. We went to the Changi Airport MRT Station to get the deposit back. The counter is close at 12pm if I'm not mistaken. Because I got there at 9pm something and they still accept my visitor pass to be returned. Thank God. I think that was the only office counter yang close late than other station (which close at 9pm, that's why we were rushing. If I knew the Changi's one closing late than 9pm, we'll definitely having leisure moments at Garden By The Bays. *sigh). Well maybe they're closing late because they're at airport? kot.

Although I had a very limited time in Flower Dome and Cloud Forest, I really had fun there. It was an amazing experience I got there. The Flower Dome was beautiful at night. Cloud Forest was perfectly amazing. I like the cold environment. Such a great romantic moment if you're going with your mate. Awhh~

Since I've mentioned that I had a very limited time, I only took a few pictures when I was there. So most of them I'm showing here are from google (as stated). If not stated, of course they are mine :)

Good job Singapore, the Garden By The Bay is so amazingly beautiful. Both at the day and night! I'm in love and I'll absolutely will come again, Insya Allah..

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