Friday, March 04, 2016

He died in my arms

Dear black,

I'm sorry because I'm not taking care of you

I'm sorry I didn't know you were suffering
I'm sorry I didn't know you were sick
I'm sorry I didn't know the food that we were giving wasn't good enough for male cat
I'm sorry I always say you were lazy
I didn't know if that time you were already sick
I'm sorry for my mistakes
I'm sorry for everything
I love you so much.
Having you since you were so small like a cute kitten till you grew up and being a tough and handsome black cat, it's such a pleasure and blessed for me and my family.
Thank you for all the prays you gave for me and my family.

I'm sorry for your bladder.

*crying hard*
I didn't know...



We went to Animal Medical Centre (24 hrs). It was my first time bringing my cat to the clinic. Since I was very young, all my cats either will be missing or already dead outside the house. Not in front of our eyes. So I would say this is our first time having this moment. :(

The doctor said next time please bring your cat early once you saw the symptoms. Now it's too late. Since the doctor can't do anything and just brief us about my cat's condition, we wouldn't be charged RM160. That is the charges for seeing doctor. Thanks doctor for waiving the charges.

I'm still sad. I am. I cried so hard at the centre.  I did.

Black was a kind cat. He was our dearest handsome boy. He was our wolf in the house. Maybe doctor is right. It's time already. Tsk tsk. We bring black home and bury him at the same night. 

Sleep tight black.
Angah sayang black..

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