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Cameron Highlands, Pahang, Malaysia


Last month, I am so thankful. I am so glad that I have met my childhood-primary-schoolmate. All grown up now ;D 
So after we have catching up each other's life and everything, we have decided to go travel in Malaysia together. 
Reason: before we all get married ;p 

And here we go! Hello Cameron Highlands! :D

Venue: Cameron Highlands, Pahang, Malaysia

Date  : 7-8 May 2016
No. of pax : 8pax
Accommodation: Iris House Hotel, Brinchang, Cameron Highlands
No. of car : 2 cars (1-male group, 1-female group)
Budget per person : RM 200 (excluding meals and expenses)

Day 1
As per agreed, we have packed our 1st day breakfast at home before we start our journey. Well, it can save your budget dude. Unless you are planning to have outside food all by yourself, so go ahead. The breakfast was prepared by female group, and will be eaten together on our way up. Our breakfast were sandwiches and fried rice. Thanks to Putri Elia for leading the female team. :)

Alhamdulillah the journey went so good and fun. We have rotate the driver. So it was fair and square that nobody gets too tired by driving in a long shot. 

Stop at rnr sg buloh and having our packed breakfast

Stop-by for the scenery. 

Complete. One crazy group.

My bitches ;p

We have booked the Iris House Hotel. 2 rooms. 1 room for ladies and another is for guys. So the payment have been settled a few days before our departure. After checking in, we straight away go to the Big Red Strawberry Farm. It was located a few meter from our hotel, which is awesome because we don't have to have a long journey. But we went there by a car. haha. Sebab it was so tiring-climbed up ways. Thank God okay we went by the car. But if you love walking, you just need 10mins walk. It is not too far from the Iris House Hotel.

Open Daily from 8:30am - 6:00pm

They provide:

  • Hydropinically grown strawberries and lettuces
  • Potted Plants Center
  • Fully sheltered farm
  • Gift Shop
  • Cafe serving fresh strawberry snacks, milkshakes, strawberry sundae, juices, ice cream, muffin, tarts, tea, scones and more
  • Fresh salad from the farm
  • Ample parking bays

Eating the delicious desserts ever!

Set of scones with tea. 

Our group desserts
Everything is so perfectly good and delicious :)

Found cute spot ^^v

The desserts has taken my heart away. They were the reasons why I came to Cameron Highlands. You know what, all my way up to CH, I can't wait to taste and eat them. Bila dah dapat, gelojoh kemain tak hingat dunia. Lagi pulak lah i ni dessert-lover. Ohmy, smpai sekarang I can still taste them. Apa nak jadi tak tau aih. Tapi honestly, they were so delicious. Everytime. Trust me. I forgot to write down the prices and keep the receipt. So I couldn't share the price. So sad. But my set was RM21++ . Hey they have so affordable price okay. I've ordered 4 set of desserts for me, with that total price. It was totally worth it okay.

Unfortunately, right after we have finished our eating session, it was raining. So we went back to hotel and get some rest and just wait for the night, to do night-market hunting! Yayy. \(^^)/

Total expenses Day 1 so far;

Petrol            -  RM57/4pax = RM 14.25 (kereta pesona)
Tol                 - RM 27.30/4pax = RM 6.825
Hotel             -  RM 84.75 (which is acceptable because still under budget which is below RM100)
Desserts       - RM 22 (mine only)
                     - RM 68 (one of our friend treats us with 5 sets of desserts) ;D
           Total = +- RM 128

In the late evening around Asar time, we already lepak in our own room. Let me tell you something important for you to bear in mind.


   - Iris House Hotel, Brinchang Cameron Highlands 
     We have been forced to pay extra RM50/ extra pax. And that RM50 wasn't for extra bed or breakfast. It was just like the amercement because we bring extra person to the deluxe room which are supposed to occupied for 2 pax only. Like duhh. So we had to pay RM200 since we have 4 pax extra. Total 2 rooms with extra person is RM614 including what we have paid before RM414 (deluxe room). Not including breakfast for 4 pax extra tu ye. I mcm pelik jugak actually. Hotel mcm 1 star, tp kaw2 ketuk sampai rm50 utk estra pax. Itu utk apa? Nak kata sebab servis bagus pun tak jugak. Ish. Ralat betul rasa. So disappointed. 

     : Twin Sharing Room x 2 unit = RM 414 (including breakfast for 4 pax)
     : Extra pax RM50 x 4 pax      = RM 200
     : Extra breakfast RM16 x 4 pax = RM64
                                       Total   = RM 678
       Divide by 8pax (our group)   = 84.75

    What's bad?
    I xtau apa yang kena bayar for extra nya. Serious. When we step in to the room, it was a bit smelly. No fan. Just a window and door to the small balcony. The towels provided was dirty. There was a black strain on the towel. Thank God we bought our own towel. So the dirty one we made it as a rug right outside the toilet. Of course yg kotor tu I buat alas lap kaki. Habistu dorang tak provided alas kaki. Kalau keluar toilet basah2, tak ke x comfortable. Lepastu kalau dah amik wudhu'? Tak ke kotor? Adoila. x pikiaq ka depa ni? -..-

    The tv channel was bad. There is only 1 channel available and good in connection which is RTM. Other channels was so-so and so bad in connection till you can't watch it.  The bed wasn't clean as there was present of the ants. And when we said to the front line office (En.Isa the supervisor), he blamed the previous guest and said the previous guest from the outdoor activities, brought the ants to the room. And the ants not originally from the hotel itself. Ohmy, he was just blamed the previous guest. And he didn't say sorry for that. Don't you guys SUPPOSED to LITERALLY clean the room first before the next guest checking-in?!!! 
    The breakfast was run out and not cooked well. When we came down around 8.40am, most of the trays were empty. We all were shocked. Come on man. It was just 8.40am. You guys said it was open on 8am?! Like wtfff. I saw there was so overload people and you can barely move. They have dining space outside, with the roof; and I felt the food was supposedly to be served outside instead of the inside. People queue-ing with the limited space just to get the unprepared food! Ridiculous! Unprofessional! The fried rice was tasteless and the guess need to do their own toast with the home toaster, which is it takes time and other guest have to wait till the other guest finish toasting their bread. Is this what we get after paying more for the extra person? Ohmy, stupidity detected. -.-

     You guys know it was the weekend. You guys know how many people are checking-in last night at your hotel till all room fully occupied. Then, how come you guys can't expect and budget the food amount to be served?! Next time please prepare the breakfast early la. You make the guest waiting for so long. Wth was that? Lol. If En. Isa is seriously the supervisor over there, then he is really not well-managed supervisor at all. So funny that guy. Dia siap pungpang2 pasal degree dia dlm perhotelan and so on. Walhal I dont even asking and I xnk tahu pun. *mencarut jap* Allahu.. geram betul.

     You know what, when we were down to check-out, I just know that the sheets nor the towels were forbidden to make them dirty. Hahah! Did you remember I told you guys we make one of the towel as a rug outside the bathroom? There you go, En Isa the supervisor ask me why the bed-sheet is dirty? How can I know lah mangkuk. We were not on the period till our blood can make your bed-sheet dirty. Rupanya the staff who check the room means the towel. Nak je I ckp yes kitorang buat alas kaki sbb nak lap kaki. Nanti mcm rude pulak. I sabar je la. I saw the terms & condition if we make their bed-sheets or their stuff dirty, we need to pay for the laundry charges. THIS IS REAL FUNNY! Don't they are the one who's supposed to be responsible for the hotel's stuff and facilities and the cleaning up processes? We are not stealing their heater or television pun! But still it was a big deal ke?! Alahaii., hotel ape lah ni yang kawan aku suggest ni. -..-

    What's good?
    Nothing was good. -..-
    Okay just kidding.
    Even-though I was so upset about their supervisor's attitude and the un-professional management, there was still something little good out of the bad one. The lobby was nice and clean. The parking is provided (even it is limited). I've called for the prayer mat (sejadah) and they sent to your room. Iron & iron board is provided as well (but you must go to the LG floor where they do their laundry. Well at least you can see how they clean the sheets up). The heater and cup & glass are provided (WITHOUT condiments). They have mini fridge in the room. The shower  gel and shampoo are provided as well (like normal hotel does). The shower is good because it have 2 water supply; cold and hot, and the bathroom is clean. Not to forget they have WI-Fi in a room. The wi-fi might not be the same connection for each one of their room, but mine, was awesome. the connection was good and not buffering for too long.

    The breakfast which is the kuey teow, the sausage and the bread was okay aside from the bad which have I mentioned. Okay for the RM16 you pay up. Bear in mind you need to eat everything to make your RM16 worth it. I did that. The beverages was awesome. I like the way they serve the beverages. 4 beverages provided which is juice, coffee, tea, and plain water. with the condiments of course. The outside dining was cool. There was no flies. I mean not bundle of flies, which is good. Well I try to figure out and korek keluar what else good things about them. So I guess that just it. Nothing more. I can't found anything else good to be told. Sorry not sorry :)


After we done our prayer, we went to the night market at Brinchang. It was nearby. Just 5 mins walking from our hotel. The night was so cold because it was raining. But it wasn't prevent us to shopping the stuff. Hehe.

What I bought :
  • Tea original, green tea and strawberry : RM 27
  • Animal cap : RM 18
  • Nasi Ayam Berempah for dinner : RM 4.5
  • Dried strawberry : RM 5 for 2 packs
  • Dried lavendar flower : RM 8
  • Strawberry (L size) : RM 15/4 pax = RM 3.8
  • Strawberry jam : RM 5
  • Concentrated strawberry juice : RM 8
  • Lipbalm at guardian : RM 6.9
  • Kambing bakar (Grilled lamb) : RM 15/4 pax = RM 3.8
       Total : +- RM 92

Our dinner for tonight
Strawberry and marshmellow with chocolates :D

So yummy!
Dried Lavendar :*

So the night market at Brinchang totally cool. They have served not just the play toy for kids, not just the original tea packs, but also fresh strawberries and delicious food for your dinner. Although the condition of the streets is so unbelievable hard, but it can be managed. Maybe because it was raining, so that's why the street was a bit hard to walk. I love everything I bought there. Totally worth it. The grilled lamb was so delicious. And the strawberry too. They were so fresh by the time we eat them that night. :)

Total expenses Day 1;

Day    : RM 128
Night : RM 92

Total = +- RM 220

Day 2
Andddd Good Morning Cameron Highlands! \(*.*)/
Let's have an awesome breakfast downstairs before check out! ;D
Awesome lah sangat~

Waiting for the late breakfast
And I have successfully get all the food and I am so hungry!
Boleh la.. good taste.

After having 'incredible' breakfast at Iris House Hotel, we straight away went to the Kea Farm. Kea Farm ni macam pasar pagi gitu. You can find souvenirs, fresh strawberry and vegetables as well in here, along the road. 

;photo sources -

What I bought :
  • Pillow : RM 37.50
  • Jambu Epal : RM 13 (2 pcs)
  • Strawberries : RM 20
  • Teh tarik pack : RM 7
  • Chocolate : RM 5
       Total : +- RM 82.50

After layover at the Kea Farm, we went to the Cactus Point

Open Daily from 8:00am - 6:00pm

They provide:

  • Cactus nursery 
  • Souvenirs

What I bought :
  • Cactus pot : RM 10
       Total : RM 10

Anddd Sungai Palas Tea Plantation. Well, they have a really nice view and walkaway. The cafe was located at the top of the tea plantation, and at the end of the balcony, we can see almost the whole tea plantation in SUngai Palas. Awesome view, incredible feeling SubhanAllah. Cameron Highlands have a few tea plantation places to visit, which are Cameron Valley, Sungai Palas, Bharat Tea and Boh Tea. They're all serve the original tea views, and beverages as well as the tea packs to bring home. The only difference is they have located in different places. (well not too far from each other I guess)

Perfect view along the road to the Sungai Palas Tea Plantation
Fresh feeling

Fresh air


Super delicious dessert! :* lupa price dia

That was our last stop. We accidentally skipped our lunch but having only bread with chocolate jam and strawberry pieces within, which is still yummy and enough to provide us energy. Since we have a limited time, due to unbelievable traffic and cars line, we have limited time to visit some other places as well. But it's okay for us since most of us already been in Cameron and this was just some travelogue for us to spend time together and catching up and a bit shopping and desserts. Hehe :P

Total expenses Day 2;

At Kea Farm : RM 82.50
At Cactus Point : RM 10
Dessert at Sungai Palas : +-RM 10
Petrol return -  RM57/4pax = RM 14.25
Tol return      - RM 27.30/4pax = RM 6.825

Total = +-RM 122

We went down the road by late evening and have our dinner at Kampung Baru with the best steak in town :p

Around 1am, we all have reached our home.

And well, thanks to everyone. xx

Total revenue 2D 1N at Cameron Highlands;
including accommodation, transport, meals and expenses

Petrol return -  RM114/4pax = RM 28.50 (kereta pesona)
Tol return      -  +- RM55/4pax = RM 14
Hotel             -  RM 84.75 
Personal meals and expenses - RM 233

Total : +- RM 360
Total excluding meals and expenses : RM 127.25 (yeayy! target achieved to have under budget of RM200)

*Extra tips:
1. If you want to travel with less expenses and make more worth, travel with your buddies. Lagipun the more the merrier right? ;)
2. This is only inside Malaysia, so you don't have to be worry about the language and the money. They have ATM machine up there. And if kalau tak cukup duit, dalam ATM pun dah 0, takpa..lain kali hang pi balik beli benda hat tak dapat beli tu semata. 
3. Choose backpacker's motel or budget hotel which is more lower price if you want to save up. I have found other budget hotel with less than RM50 per person. No need to pay more for extra person pun ada.
4. Plan your trip carefully but DON'T EVER OVER-PLANNING. Let the things goes by itself. Kalau terlebih budget, jangan salahkan org lain or kawan. Allah dah tentukan. So, redha is the best way for you to have a peace at heart ;)

Till then,
Assalamualaikum :)

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