Monday, June 27, 2016

Iftar (Berbuka Puasa) with Orphans


Yesterday I went for berbuka puasa (break the fast) with Nur at Kiszport & Gym. They were having the berbuka puasa dinner with the kids and some more were the orphans from Rumah Titian Kasih. I was so blessed because Allah gave me a chance to have the experience berbuka with them.

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You know what, I've been always wanted to do or to involve in something like this. Charity, Giving foods for homeless, Visiting orphans/old folks. But yet, I have no any close friends who knows how to get involved with that kind of event.

Alhamdulillah, yesterday was my first time having dinner and playing with them orphans. Pure souls, pure heart. :)

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I was a bit busy till I couldn't get any of their photo. So sad. So I look up at google and found that photo which I can still remember that some of them are the one who was with us yesterday. ^^v

What I was so touched is when there is one of the girl who didn't get the lego toy. She was crying because all of her friends got one. And then I said to her that Allah keep the biggest hello kitty lego for her, but not this time. Perhaps next time. And when I asked her did you love Allah? And she immediately nod. Then I said don't cry because Allah hates crying. Then she stopped slowly. And she left to play. What I was so impressed is, she knows that she need to love Allah. She knows Allah. :') 

p/s; Love them. They are the gift from Allah.

Thanks to Nur for inviting me. Thanks to Eric and all the Kizsport's staff. Even I didn't got the chances to get to know everyone, but some of them are so nice. :)

But totally worth it.
Self-reflection (muhasabah diri) by the condition and other's people life. 
I hope my sincerity to gain Allah's reward and blessing is acceptable by Him.
Allah Almighty.

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