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Holiday Package to Krabi, Thailand (Part 1)


Oh I just realized I didn't wish Hari Raya here. But I think there's no one care about that, since I don't remember if I still have any followers. Hurm, *thinking* Well of course I'm here again to share about my trip to Krabi, Thailand. Wonderful journey and great experience. Before I share like quite a lot of rambling, I would like to tell you guys, I took a package from a travel agency for this trip. Last time my own backpackers-trip to Singapore didn't went well, thus I was thinking to take next trip under travel agency, see and feel the differences. Well, it may helps in improving my skills to start my own-backpacking again yeah?

So the travel agency I took was Ayden Averroes Travel. I reserved my place under this one agent called Anis. (You may search her INSTAGRAM or TWITTER. ) So the deal was sealed about a month before the trip. It was easy dealing with Anis. Good job Anis. I like the way she treats her customer. She helped a lot and won't let us winding alone. And yes, they're trusted. No tipu-tipu okay.

My KRABI package as per below:

Oh look there's my face on the ads! HAHAH!

Okay now you see that, that is cheap and affordable. And before (again) I start sharing mine, if you could possibly have found other package which is more lower than this, do not hesitate to share yours and let me know. Let others know too. Sharing is caring right? :) Wtv it is, make sure the one you share is trusted and real.

Oh and maybe, you have your own itinerary (if more self-satisfied and low in budget), if you just go by your own (not under any agent), you might as well share yours! People who goes by thru agent is someone who wanted to go with scheduled-itinerary. And maybe laziness to explore by themselves is one of the reason? Or, maybe they wanted to make new friends and make their journey easy by following someone who more familiar around that areas. There is so many probabilities. Maybe you are the group-type or maybe you are comfortable going by your own (main redah). I'm both. I've done both :)

Let's start sharing the journey and stop rambling -.-"

So if you guys can see, I chose the date of 5th August 2016. You know why? It is because 7th August was my birthday. 25th birthday. And I have made a plan which is celebrate or at least being at overseas (outside Malaysia) on my 25th birthday. And yayy! I've made it., \(^_^)/ Alhamdulillah. Well you know I was quite sad because I was actually planning to celebrate at NYC, but you know how our currency been doing these lately right? Down to the hell. Lol. And it was really possible for me to go travelling there as I was just started my stable career. So, here I go which I can afford fully on my own, and my braveness for doing it alone. -_-"

So this was my itinerary. Yes if you can logically thinking it was quite a sweat if you wanna go to that country alone (female) or with a 2 3 friends because their country is know..kind of not so safe if you're in a small group. Thus I decided to immerse myself into this group (furthermore, they're all Malaysian so I won't be so scared lorr), pay the money, sit back and enjoy the trip and just go with the flow :)

And yes, we were going by a van. If you're thinking that RM349, you'll be travelling by a flight, no. You're wrong. BUT! You can always go by a flight (if you found any flight have a promo that time) and ask the agent to pick you up at the Krabi airport. They'll arrange that for you. But you still need to pay the full package rm349. (but no extra charges for picking you up at the airport *wink)

I chose to take the package SINCE I love road trip. Yes, I love road trip. Wait. Am I crazy or something? :/ Well you know because I always dreaming me having a really nice road trip with my boyfriend, going to US and go whenever I wanted. But again, there's not easy to go to US. (if you know what I mean...political, religious and what so not issues. kot). So I thought maybe this is the best for me to get familiar with the road trip with other Malaysian first whose more familiar with the road and everything, then I can plan it later on my own.

So that is the way how I need to settle up my payment. Oh not to forget to mention that I bought the bus tickets to Bukit Kayu Hitam early as I've made my deposit to Anis (the agent) and return bus ticket from Hatyai straight to KL. I purchased those online, of course to secure my seat.

Did I missed to check everything yet? The deposit done. The return bus tickets done. The passport of course done. The baht-money done. Checking name in the immigration and ptptn''s website also done. (Got some issues on pt's but not gonna discuss it here.) Sigh.

Yayyy! everything important is checked and done. Semua dah settled and dup dap dup dap sbb tak sangkanya kita dapat holiday ke Krabi. And hey ho let's go yaw!

According to the itinerary given, they'll be waiting for us at The Zon Duty Free D-park. So I just need to make sure I safely pass the immigration and go straight to The Zon (3-5mins walking distance. Not so far) and look for their van. Lucky me Allah has put 2 girls (malaysian of course) who have also took the same package as mine! But different agent. (of course the travel agency have many agent not just one. huhu). Ohmy, you wouldn't believe how happy and thankful I was when they said they're in the same row as me! And that was right on time when we were lined-up for the immigration check. Three of us have passed and it's time for us to look for out travel agency.


And yurp, we have safely arrived and met the agents and the vans, and a few of them who already got there. (none of them seems suspicious in any other ways ;p Alhamdulillah)

2,550 baht. Have spent a few so that's what left

Talk about money. Hey I paid up for the package with RM349. Return busses RM55 + RM50. Change RM to Baht for RM300  and I got 2,550 baht for current value. I'm not sure if that was enough (since this is my first time travelling to Thailand), but reading and surveying for other backpacker's trip, this should be enough for me, along for the 3 days. Besides I'm gonna need that money only for my foods. Not thinking about buying a lot of souvenirs. Maybe a few for family and close one.

Total revenue overall:
              RM 349   (package including hotel, snorkeling + packed lunch, transportation to go places in krabi)
              RM 105   (bus KL-Hatyai-KL)
              RM 300   (Own expenses + own meals)
              RM 754  (3D 2N hotel, transportation to go places, souvenirs, food & beverages, snorkeling)
*I'll share how I spent my 2,550 baht (RM300) below. Stay with me yeah *wink
*I reserve around RM60++ for my backup Malaysia money. I don't know for what but I always had them in my wallet when I'm travelling. I'm sure everyone does.
*So overall I've spent around RM 800 including my shopping stuff and foods.

Let's see where they bought me to visit. ^^v

Continue to Part II - Roadtrip to Krabi, Thailand.

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