Monday, August 22, 2016

7 Heaven @ Krabi, Thailand (Part 3)


Continue from Part II - Roadtrip to Krabi, Thailand.

Wait. You know what? I don't even know what is 7Heaven means or what kind of places they are. Lol pls laugh. Well since I don't make any research before my trip. But then when I arrived at that place, I was like so surprised and they told me this place is like a mini-disneyland of Krabi. Haha. Is that true? Wtv it is, I had so much fun and ohmy, they're no others except for our groups so, I was super excited and smiling all the way up/down. Hiks.

Second pit stop : 7Heaven of Krabi

Entrance fee: 
100 baht/adult
50 baht/children

*mineral water 10 baht

2,480 baht - 100 baht  = 2,380 baht

Seriously guys, you need to check this place out. Beautiful scenery you can see the Ao Nang beach from up there. And yeah a little bit sunset la jugak. :P

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