Monday, August 22, 2016

Roadtrip to Krabi, Thailand (Part 2)


Continue from Part I - Holiday Package to Krabi, Thailand.

The journey (land-road) from the Custom and Immigration Complex (Thailand's) to Krabi is quite far. It's like you're travelling form KL to Penang. It took us around 4-5 hours. Of course with a pit-stop for changing, pray (solat) and freshen up. A bit tiring but it was a great journey. I'm not gonna complaining about getting tired or more hours travelling in the van because, this, is my dream (besides I'm get used to long journey since I was 13th). Road trip to the different country and listening to Yuna's song in my playlist in my joox apps.? Heyy. I'm in.


Bought at the Immigration Thailand for only 50 baht.
I paid with RM5. Accepted.

I was quite thirsty. But when I finished 'em, I become more thirsty. 
They took us here to have lunch. Not so far from the boarder.
70 baht (mix rice + ice tea)
Hipster enough?

2,550 baht - 70 baht = 2,480 baht

And then first place we stopped by on our way to Krabi : Andaman Gateway

You know how it feels when you are
belum mandi dari semalam.

me with my new friends ^^v

We have arrived in Krabi town around 5:00pm. The weather was welcoming us so calmly and nice. Wasn't that beautiful? Awhh. :)

We have arrived at our hotel (Baan Suan Resort) around 5:33pm (Thailand time. Note that they're an hour late from Malaysia time). Oh talk about time, you don't have to be worried about time. Your phone is scheduled automatically following that country's time. (fyi for those who first time to Thailand).

When we first arrived at the resort, we were so amazed. The resort hotel is super cool okay. And we were so satisfied! No reban-reban ayam okay. *If you guys found someone who says reban ayam and all, pls don't believe 'em cos I've experienced this trip all by myself. 

ihsan: Google

My room. Yes. All beds are mine!

They have pool!

Perfect environment. Recommended


And yes you'll definitely found the best photo of that resort in the google search engine. They are absolutely cute environment ever. I wasn't expecting our kind-of place to be as awesome as Baan Suan. Yelah, we were paying seems like less, and the resort is clean and beautiful.  Seriously dude? Recommended!

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