Monday, August 22, 2016

Ao Nang Town, Krabi Thailand @ night (Part 4)


Continue from Part III - 7 Heaven @ Krabi, Thailand.

Ao Nang town. Not so much to do on a first night since we barely know the town road. We were taken to dinner at the regular-place-they-took-their-customer-perhaps place (if you got what I mean lol.). Dinner was fine. The restaurant served foods and beverages more likely like Malaysia's (still in Asia, what do you expect? ;P) No weird food here. okbye.

Third place : Ao Nang Town

A-Hud Seafood Restaurant

not really a budget one. But it was a good restaurant

because they have wifi. ngeh3

More sight-seeing at night. After dinner we dropped by to the owner's shop. They say they can give the best price because we are their clients. I mean their son handling the package and travel agency stuff, so. Indeed.. they're giving us the best price and a little bit discount, but heyyyy they don't have quite choice. :/  I didn't blame them. I blamed myself because I bought everything and all souvenirs for my family and friends there. I've spent 1,190 baht. Bagus naa hang ni Farid. Dok kata hat pasaq dengan town lagi mahai walhal lebih kurang ja harga. Ceyt. -.-"

2,380 baht - 145 baht - 1,190 baht =  1,045 baht

1,190 baht for my first day shopping. Lol because they were saying at other place are so expensive and cannot get as cheap as that price and and I thought I have no other chance lagi to do a shopping thing and whatnot.. And I was like not thinking for the second time and buy it all at that shop and that night. kemain jemah. And oh., 145 baht for my dinner. Quite expensive la sebab if I change to RM, it was approximately RM16. lol for my dinner. But it's okay. Dah selamat jadi tahi. 

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