Monday, August 22, 2016

Snorkeling @ Krabi, Thailand (Part 5)


Day 2
Saturday ; 6th August 2016

Continue from Part IV - Ao Nang Town, Krabi Thailand.

Fourth place : Beaches, beaches and beaches!


That morning, it was so calm. The weather was nice and a bit cold. Alhamdulillah it wasn't raining on our way to and back from snorkeling. The agency took us to the halal stall for our breakfast. But I'm in a rush and forgot to take a snap at the stall. Wew. well btw, they had normal food like us in Malaysia such as roti canai, nasi lemak and the beverages also just the same as our's, milo ais, teh tarik etc. We even order those in Bahasa. xD Luckily they still understand. I sometimes don't get it, till which territory they still understand Bahasa? Do all of them already know our language? *garu kepala
 My breakfast was FOC sebab ada pakcik tu belanja kami anak2 muda. HAHAH. so lucky

The entrance to the speed boat for snorkeling
Island Hoping

Our free packed lunch. Not bad. Enough to fill up our empty tummy

And after snorkeling and waiting up for our cloth to get dry, we were dropped at the famous place in Krabi "Phra Nang Cave Beach". I'm not sure they're indeed the famous among all the beaches at Krabi, because everytime we search Krabi in any search engine, this place must have popped up. Maybe the're indeed the famous one. It was totally worth the photos. I bought my pic with my friends for 100 baht.

Map to the famous place

Railway Princess Beach Resort

Phra Nang Cave Beach. 

Private Property

Ice Cream. Halal (depa kata)

30 baht/ice cream

I... actually didn't pay attention to which island we were stopped by. As what I know is I'm having fun. HAHAH!. Regardless not knowing the name of the Island (not that I didn't know I just confused! Too many Islands in just 1 day. zzz), they're soo beautiful beaches. I swear. And before going to snorkel, we were giving one set of masks per person. And since I brought my own masks (because have power lens since I am rabun), I didn't borrow their's. And briefly, snorkeling session was fun and great. Not really a tiring day as I'm expected I'd be. We went back to our resort around 4:30pm.

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