Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Counting Days


Yaa. Long time no write. I told ya I'm superb busy with the peak season here. *finger cross*
Well, Alhamdulillah last two weeks I went to Penang to attend my bestfriend's wedding. Stay for 1 night there and get a chance to meet with my other three friends. I'm so lucky having them. Always welcome me whenever I go to Penang.

Oh and I did mention to them about my solemnization & reception's date. Urm, maybe it was my fault telling my steps and what task I've done. I need to be more sensitive and more careful about telling friends my plan and everything.

Why I said like that?
Urm I'll tell you guys later.

Now, let's counting my days together with me. Hiks.
Not really have times to count even till number 3 because this stuff coming in really get my nerves up and down. I'm shaking, I'm nervous and I am super scared.
Scared if actually we are not meant to be abd we both dont know till the solmenization day :(
I keep on praying and praying to be calm and stay positive with the fate of Allah; that we ARE meant to be together, In Shaa Allah.

And yes!, 3 more weeks and I'm off-the market.
For real biatch,
for r e a l.


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