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Yeahh. typical Bride-To-Be nak jugak share about her preparations and all that. ;p
I'm not really in the mood of talking and talking. I mean , typing and typing.

Here are some:

1. Budget for catering only for 700 pax = RM 8k and below
2. DIY my very own pelamin (Which I hope it can be like a typical pelamin for the pengantin and not like mini one >.<) = RM 300
3. Buy my own dress = RM 300
4. Groom just having a coat and trousers = since my wedding outfit is in dress and more like english style
5. Ring = RM 600 below (no ring for groom)
6. Invitation cards = Design and print sendiri RM 159
7. Doorgift = just bunga telur which I found it classic
8. Photographer = RM 2300 (since I want full coverage for my wedding solemnization, reception & outdoor for both photo + video)
9. Photobooth & Pintu gerbang = mintak brother in law sponsor since he's the one run the services
10. Kasut = pakai yang dah ada since I ada 1 kasut yg sgt awesome glitters and yeah so suitable for me and my partner's height

Total up : RM 13k and below. And this revenue is including my preparation for my akad nikah.

We'll see how it goes :3
Save The Date! *wink

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